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  1. 55 mm spacers would mean you could use 3/4 boxes in the meantime.
  2. The ongoing Valentines Day?
  3. Not a single meeting in Auckland, a city of over 1 1/2 million people with more than it's share of commercial beekeepers, so either travel to Whangarei or Hamilton.
  4. You would have thought that the 'P' testing fiasco would have taught government employees something - in Auckland there are many houses still standing derelict because after the owner was forced to strip them out - all wall-board, plus kitchens and bathrooms etc, at burglary prices owner didn't have the dost to reinstate. Of course those honey buyers with endless shareholder funds can buy cheap and wait on the standards to be changed - as long as it does not take too long.
  5. I agree @john berry, but one of the vagaries of Trademe is that often the sale is concluded in such a way that vendors real identity is not really known - in spite of having to now put a beek rego in the advert. Asure Quality will not tell you who owns a number - just supposing the rego given is correct.
  6. It is frustrating that the vendors in these cases are not named and shamed. I knew of a case last season with 10 high priced nucs, all burners, and the vendor is able to continue under the cover of secrecy. I understand why the secrecy, but there has been too many around here selling AFB nucs some of which were caught as swarms from unknown hives and sold as nucs in a month for example. Fortunately in the industry shakedown, hobby beeks may be able to go back to getting starter nucs from within the group they belong to, with proper mentoring in the process. It is part of the problem that someone who was new to beekeeping thought it was OK to start with 10 or 20 nucs - sometimes many, many more, with the money but no real idea.
  7. The person supposed to represent the hobby section is from Whangarei, always a FF BIG base, not the old NBA, and hobby beeks have not had a good deal under ApiNZ.
  8. The reality is that NZ Beekeeping arose out of those who left the executive group set up to combine the NBA and FF BIG. They left when they realised that the head-in-hive real beekeepers were effectively going to be out-voted once the new ApiNZ executive was formed. The spreading of votes to those who are not primarily beekeepers has certainly not brought in the subscriptions expected judging by the lack of disclosure of membership numbers. Important to note that those not primarily commercial beekeepers have currently 45% of the executive vote - do they have 45% of the membership? Commercial beekeepers have 45% and the supposed hobby (FF BIG) member 10%. Now @Don Mac do you think NZ Beekeeping should be grateful for a few crumbs/votes? The system has not been a success from a poorly researched and rushed manuka standard, inequitable raise on AFB levies and a proposed honey levy to help keep ApiNZ afloat.
  9. With Apivar being in for 10 weeks, shifting the strips so it remains where the actual brood frames is part of the process.
  10. People of the calibre of the executive of NZ Beekeeping NZ are not going to be sucked into debating something published in August 2016 - they are all very experienced at managing solid businesses and intend to continue to do so, not chasing red herrings. Most of them have already held very senior positions in the NBA, and all are real beekeepers, no jar fillers or gear suppliers with mixed agendas. Same with SNI Beekeeping.
  11. I have ventured that far south but many commercials are using them so must be OK. Personally I have wooden bases with SS mesh ventilation without chill problems.
  12. In blunt terms (far be it for me to be blunt) can @ApiNZ actually continue in it's present form if the levy vote is lost? Will the subscriptions and profit from conference and other income actually enable it to remain unchanged?
  13. So your not really in Auckland? We don't really understand 'freezing' in a South Island way up here.
  14. @Old Timer - perhaps it is about the area the colony is in. In Auckland the uncapped nectar festers in the wall once the bees die off for winter, and the sodding ants would contribute to the problem and use the area as a nest.
  15. They are trying to give you a false sense of security, but as soon as you try it you will realise those little furry gentle bees had an agenda.
  16. All that, plus as a died in the wool DIYer, the building and assembling. How I wish I had realised how important it was for a woman to own a bench saw, regret not getting one long, long ago.
  17. In manufacturing generally, 'adjusting' stock on hand at either end of the financial year is a well known way of evening out tax liability from year to year - particularly relevant in a falling market.
  18. Perhaps the younger bees have a naturally softer exoskeleton which could make it more vulnerable to the Ox/Gl mix?
  19. Exactly! You can see how a company with a large staff could load up the voting by registering hives in a wide range of names - even the company cat with the right name would be in with a grin. FF BIG already have the advantage on the executive by having put up someone to stand for the hobbyist seat from Whangarei which was always aligned to FF BIG and not the NBA, so I would expect that everyone in the area voted accordingly, hobbyist or not and the hobbyists have got jack-zip, and I doubt he will come up in rotation retirement and voting anytime soon. The real NBA beekeepers on the executive are on a hiding to nothing.
  20. In the olden days they used to have big bulldozed firebreaks which were ugly as sin, but it usually limited large-scale destruction. Dammed if you do dammed if you don't.
  21. Excellent post @Stoney, while I 'liked it', would also have put a 'sad' and 'thanks' if it was possible. Will put much of it into our bee groups next meeting notice - as timely reminder.
  22. So if you were a corporate looking for the next business to pick off and buy cheap, the place to be would be very close to APINZ as the number of hives and yield would be very valuable information.
  23. Good to hear. If it had been the Riverhead Forest (pine) near here when the corporates have their dump sites there you could have stood outside anywhere in the country and heard the wailing.
  24. Possibly the Biological Farming group. They don't recommend going cold turkey - even in the case of dairy farming they have a recommended rate at which farmers decrease their urea and other applications over five years as the soil slowly recovers, and when followed, farms produce more from fewer stock, but the greatest reduction is in the vet costs as animals become healthier. I have been to several of their field-days and the change in the farms and the visible difference in the soil makes one wonder why the penny has not dropped more broadly more quickly.
  25. As decided at the AGM from those asking for funds for research.
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