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  1. I'm sorry, I don't know which either of those clubs was, was only pointing out the legal niceties. Perhaps OP would share?
  2. Many of the third world countries that have real food shortages are often caused by a program where Monsanto controlled seed producers sold GM seed to their government to distribute 'free' to these countries, and the recipients who had been seed savers forever didn't comprehend that the seed produced by those crops would not be viable, and would also contaminate and destroy the viability of any seed their crop from saved seed produced - there is an excellent movie 'more than seed' which explains it very well. Aid is a very mixed blessing.
  3. As long as we keep encouraging so many to migrate here, it hard for many to understand that covering the whole country in multi-level apartments crammed with large families ain't any sort of a solution. Afraid I am on the 'only have the children you and afford the time, and money to raise and educate properly' cult.
  4. Have just had call from college cobber living in Milton in NSW, I had emailed her this morning when I realised that road from Milton to Bateman's Bay had been closed by the fires. Luckily she is in the middle of town, same block as hospital, so area will be a priority if push comes to pull, but fire was within a kilometer of her home. Just as well she was raised on a farm, and had thought about food ahead, as the evacuating holiday-makers managed to empty many shelves totally in the huge supermarket - all fruit, biscuits, bottled drinks etc - anything that could be eaten if stuck in traffic long term for what is usually only a couple of hours back to the big smoke. All shops and even cafes are closed- it is like a ghost town, not even many out doing usual morning walks.
  5. There are still fourteen states in USA teaching creationism in state funded schools instead of evolution, and there are still so many looking to the USA as the ultimate authority on so many scientific fields, it really is the power of multi-media fiddling which by and large they control.
  6. Only on websites controlled in USA, there are plenty of British, European and others saying the exact opposite, but they are well down the list that comes up on the American owned and controlled Google.
  7. The Antarctic sea ice is melting at an unprecedented rate, but if you read the 'research' articles published at the behest of the American oil magnates, you will read the opposite - it is much like their gun lobby, money spent between lobbying and producing fake research by the two groups would provide free healthcare for the whole USA, but that would apparently tip the country irretrievably into total communism.
  8. The ones I have seen inside have an open container with water in to keep the humidity high enough.
  9. Bumble bees are vital for growing broad beans - first year, no beans, then got a basic salvia they really like and then enough to feed a village in beans, off about the same number of plants - in many ways, it was that discovery that got me interested in honey bees as I had had a go at grafting fruit trees, and realised they needed pollinating.
  10. @Tiare Marsters-Moses - wonder if it is that repeat offender that the Whangarei Bee Club managed to track down 2012 and made sure he went through the courts, already had convictions for the same previously, but still only got the well soaked bus ticket treatment - he operated out of a large warehouse on the outskirts of Dargaville while rebranding and painting. The then president of the club would have the details.
  11. I would personally be hard pressed to believe that it is possible to manufacture thymol wafers which have any real efficacy - it is very volatile, and therefore would be unlikely to hold enough to actually work - just supposing the ambient temperature was suitable. There could be questions about the legality manufacturing a treatment for others, but at least you have managed to keep the colony alive and treat with a proper treatment which is the plus in the story.
  12. Bear in mind that in the good ol USA, the company that spends a fortune developing a new chemical treatment set up and complete the toxicity assessments, not the FDA, and traditionally, they have made sure that the tests were concocted to ensure they passed, although it will be interesting to see if Monsanto being owned by Bayer will change the integrity or lack thereof.
  13. You have been loosing a lot of bees to varroa, so if one or two die in a sugar shake, still worth it to get a grip on real numbers. In over ten years involved in hobby groups, I have never met a hobbyist who had been able to get any thymol treatment to work properly - including an AP 2 using it at a club apiary. Comes back to why we try and get newbees to use conventional treatments for the first three years - there is nothing at all 'organic' about watching colonies dying from varroa.
  14. Thank you Trev, was tempted to say the exact same thing - as part of a predominantly hobby group, we always recommend the same, two different synthetic treatments, so one gets to see what a healthy hive looks like before branching out and getting creative with alternatives. The internet is littered each spring with those who lost hives over winter, and mostly varroa is a major factor. Heating alcohol of any type - particularly with a lit smoker nearby is not a sane idea, and I say that with a couple of decades standing at a bench in chemistry labs.
  15. I wouldn't mind going, but as I remember Rakino, very steep - how far from the wharf is the hive - and is it up a Mongolian goat track?
  16. Are you certain they are bees and not wasps - often non-beekeepers find it difficult to spot the difference - wasps are yellow and black with definite stripes, whereas bees are more hairy buff and dark brownish.
  17. When I was at their onsite shop about five years ago, the price to see was about $35 from memory, so decided it was too expensive, now, Dr Google says it is $10 for an adult, so perhaps they killed a lot of the market on the early days, and now hope to get it back, although they are running it to suit large group, probably hoping to recoup the difference with honey sales in the shop after the tour.
  18. I also wonder if MPI asked ApiNZ exactly how many paid up identities are members when they accepted their opinion on the state of the industry.
  19. Believe me, the giant willow aphid introduced us to willow honey dew, and we could have well done without it.
  20. As no one is allowed to import honey into NZ, at least beekeepers are only competing with other beekeepers, and not foreign manufacturers.
  21. Would suggest that they are those who managed to not become addicted hobbyist beekeepers - who are flat narna, and putting that cash into hiveware.
  22. According to Dr Google, the 2013 census showed that 39.1% of Auckland City's population were born overseas.
  23. Zespri have a large, funded research program constantly breeding in an effort to improve/find new strains which is ongoing - one of the researchers spoke at a Treecrops meeting a couple of years ago, and showed the colours they were currently working on - including the new red ones. Once they have something they think will fly, they can then propagate up the numbers to have reasonable volume available when it hits the market. The licence system does to a certain extent protect them as even the Chinese would be harrassed if they managed to get their hands on the new variety and try growing them.
  24. Done some contracting to inbound tour operators, and you would be shocked at what people pay for the very few listed activities they are offered. Also remember that those aboard cruise ships do not have a weight restriction. Other honey is exported by small operators with Mandarin and Korean as first languages who are able to advertise on international sites equal to fb etc and sell direct to those who want to be certain that they are getting what they ordered, and it would be near impossible for MPI with mainly English speaking staff to get a handle on the whole trade, so tax and gst free.
  25. In Auck at least, there is a growing problem of protein malnutrition, as people make extreme changes in their diets to vegetarian or vegan. Worryingly, many of the victims are children, and nothing limits their development - particularly mental like a lack of sufficient protein. Many long term educated vegetarians have the balance right, and have no problems, but those who just delete all meat without realising the sheer volume of pulses and the like they then need to consume to stay healthy are suddenly unwell enough to go to the doctor, and are tested, leaving the medical profession are left trying to educate these people as to what changes need to be made.
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