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  1. And here was me thinking @Trevor Gillbanks may be on the front of the next Wall Street Journal, - really gutted - I almost knew someone famous in the finance field.
  2. Falloons at Dairy Flat has a really good selection, and not blindingly expensive.
  3. If it wasn't so expensive, it would be worth re-stirring, sampling and retesting. There is a whole science in manufacturing concerning proper mixing, stirrer types and sampling, and I would guess that if the manuka was particularly thixotropic, it would take a long time to slowly stir - to not cream to get a tank truly blended. I am so old I had to attend lectures on it all.
  4. I didn't think I needed an electric job til helping injured friend, and there is nothing like the happy hum of an electric extractor.
  5. Periodic Table will be a minor doddle even compared to what you have done already. I have 'pollen chart envy'.
  6. Looks stunning! Perhaps consider having groups for seasons, as months vary so much from place to place - even between city, coast, bush and rural in Auckland.
  7. Yes, I have one of the Southland ones - four frame job, about three years old. I do not have a need to extract manuka, and only six hives, and have found it good for my needs.
  8. Mainly crunchy brown stuff, hoping the light rain will green it all up. Even the clover browned off before any nectar produced.
  9. Please, lets return to what the bees are foraging on at present!
  10. Not super sensitive, just pointing out that many have given things a fair whack, and it still does take real time to get to a thousand even, but happy to see you break the record. Yesbut is also retired, and it has taken since 2012 to rack up his total.
  11. Please bear in mind that it has taken since 2011 for the likes of Trevor Gillbanks, John Berry, Alastair and Frazzle Fozzle to rack up their impressive talleys.
  12. Perhaps the real risk is the migrating type commercial beek who brings hives over on the ferry.
  13. Apparently, we are now all gender fluid, so hopefully he will continue on unabated.
  14. And won't he do it in glorious pink style?
  15. Only way to avoid it would seem to become the 'strong silent' type - and the pigs will be flying.
  16. Won't take that long for Frazz if we just go on discussing her crowning etc - possibly include it at the Forum Fandango?
  17. No, I would suggest it is the proposed candidate, although as a breeder of superb queen bees, does seem appropriate.
  18. We all start as an egg - usually you only change because of the number of posts you do - possibly 50 is the change over - I just got to be a house bee at 500. Grant as owner is 'The Beekeeper'!
  19. Rural NE rural Auck was fried too brown for the white clover to have any real nectar, and I never saw the bees on it.
  20. If it was poison, wouldn't there be dead bees with their tongue out?
  21. It is relevant when it is used as a marketing tool - in Auck, there are companies running courses in exactly how to do that.
  22. Fortunately, I really, really am a hobbyist, and beekeep for the sheer joy of it, but it bugs me that you keep trying to make marketing look like rocket science. You have pushed your borrow on facebook to the point of total crassness.
  23. By using an IT professional to promote the website in search engines, just like everything else I would think. Lets face it, anyone in business, or has been in business knows the game.
  24. It is very interesting just who is getting government funding - My Apiary Ltd is partly owned by Gallagher Group Ltd with a considerable shareholding who would I think would be possible manufacturers of any gizmos developed, and who must have done well during the dairy boom. My Apiary Ltd got over five times the amount of Massey Uni who are working on AFB diagnosis which I see as one hell of a lot more important. AGMARDT ANNUAL REPORT & GRANTS APPROVED - Yr End 2018. Massey University have received funding of $19,950 for; 'Bacteriophage Discovery for AFB Eradication' in the year end 2018. Agribusiness Innovation Grant - My Apiary Ltd were recipients of $100,000 in the year end 2017. The final objective of the project was to develop a commercially viable monitoring solution that can be easily adopted within the New Zealand apiculture sector – delivering a leading-edge management decision making tool for beekeeping businesses.
  25. Do bumble bees have the equivalent to the haploid drones of honey bees @npomeroy please?
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