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  1. Pity we can't do as the Aussies do and just fire everything, boxes and frames through a gamma sterilisation plant which not only deals to the AFB, but any viruses, varroa small hive beetle or wax moths. Fast - two hour turn around, not even expensive to do either.
  2. Now that could be part of a shrewd and cunning plan!
  3. We have our problems in NZ, but at least here product is not competing with the bee processed sugar that Capilano, a big corporate has imported (with financial tie-up with Comvita).
  4. Darwin is alive and well Yesbut, fear not, you are right, others, not so much.
  5. There are already a massive number of nubeeks splitting to sell in spring in the mistaken belief that the prices will rise again, and it simply won't happen. Virtually no nucs or hives selling for real money on Trademe - some nucs have sold without reserve for as low as $65. If you are good with that, go for it, but all that work for the hell of, I don't think so.
  6. With the existing wax, there would be problems finding a suitable adhesive to reattach the bottom strip securely, and with sods law, bound to dislodge at worst possible time - like in extractor, so as Tristan says, use without one and mainly as brood frames.
  7. Even the hobby beeks that I have seen online, use electric fences, higher than deer fences to keep them out..
  8. Totally agree. Time, miles and cost of hire, burn the lot and put it down to experience. Reputable beeks would have told you this had you asked before you bought.
  9. Knowing the Aussies, they would then say 'tested by Analytica NZ' without saying whether it passed or not.
  10. I don't honestly know as I use wood with a stainless steel mesh, and haven't often had a dampness problem. I think the mesh gives better ventilation.
  11. We hobbyists often make telescoping lids that fit down over the top box, but they would not really work for commercials as it would make shifting them more of a mission, and they wouldn't effect the damp caused by the plastic bases.
  12. Randy Oliver spoke at length at the 2011 NBA Conference, and the important thing to remember is that his main business was selling nucs, and if you are in split/split/split mode the longterm real health is not obvious as the nucs are sold, and he is an area with a real brood break, so much of what he says is coloured by those two factors, and also USA has had varroa far longer, so bees have adapted to a greater degree.
  13. Where giant wax moth has been underneath the cells, the caps look like white webbing, rather than no cap.
  14. Try standing under the nearest willow tree, I did on Friday, and there were so many bees and wasps working the GWA honeydew, so what they are bringing in will not be that useful as feed, if your bees are doing the same.
  15. The best way to help reduce the risk is to have every man and his dog checking for unregistered apiaries, it only takes one with AFB to keep the grief coming. Give everyone you know in the area - beeks or not - the Asure Quality freephone number, and leave them to follow up.
  16. I now put beekeeping down as my religion - used to put sailing, but have been 'converted'.
  17. Because of the relatively low capital to get into small scale commercial beekeeping, many of the new entrants have not been self employed before, and have not really got to grips with the concept of the buck stopping with them, and any shortfall in income is their problem to solve, not someone elses, or the government. The long term beeks have lived it all before, so have skills and foresight on their side. The sell off of used hive gear will affect everyone, because not all of it will be AFB free.
  18. Argentinian ants don't respond to grass under the lid, they are totally different to deal with. They are often spread by people shifting their pot plants with them, particularly those shifting into retirement villages - several of them have them around Auckland, and they have spread from the villages over a very short period of time.
  19. I would think it is an MPI matter as they used to control the registration of all animal remedies, and it used to take longer to get products registered for vets to use/supply than pharmaceuticals for humans.
  20. In NZ, there only a couple of labs with the right registration to test honey, and they are geared up to do large numbers of samples accurately and quickly. Highly mechanised gear worth millions - no juggling test tubes and beakers etc.
  21. I would need a translater to even try and grasp what your doing Kaihoka.
  22. The company organising these meetings has been seen to dramatically reduce staff in his retail outlet, so he is well aware of the dropping market, probably far more so than the new entrants to beekeeping and honey marketing.
  23. And here was me thinking @Trevor Gillbanks may be on the front of the next Wall Street Journal, - really gutted - I almost knew someone famous in the finance field.
  24. Falloons at Dairy Flat has a really good selection, and not blindingly expensive.
  25. If it wasn't so expensive, it would be worth re-stirring, sampling and retesting. There is a whole science in manufacturing concerning proper mixing, stirrer types and sampling, and I would guess that if the manuka was particularly thixotropic, it would take a long time to slowly stir - to not cream to get a tank truly blended. I am so old I had to attend lectures on it all.
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