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  1. Maybe the challenge to to see who can get up earlier and beat him to it next month - for some it may be before they go to bed.
  2. Also, many of the poor subsistence farmers/horticulturalists growing the lentils are living a life that amounts to slavery, they have to borrow year on year at insane interest rates, just trying to keep the maximum number of the family alive until next year, and that debt means they must stay where they are or be hunted down for absconding leaving a debt.
  3. The alternative could be an article in a newspaper with the link put in the type of thread you have described Alastair, which will be added to over time with the next crop of drop-kicks.
  4. If he has home detention, he cannot legally work his hives, so get the wider network of beeks and all and sundry out looking for apiaries with his number on, the police should have photos of the apiaries they did find which will give you a headsup of the colours he was using to further aid the search. and report them all to directly Clifton King or Marco, I am certain they will follow up, and you will be able to identify yours out of the haul.
  5. As I have sat through the course more often than most - either commercial or hobbyist over the last few years, I would say that many of us who have only encountered very few - in my case one hive - of someone else's hive with AFB, I think I know what I am looking for, but can only persist with inspections and hope I have it right, and take whatever opportunities that turn up to see the hives with confirmed cases, prior to burning. One of the contributing factors is the seasonal nature of beekeeping and the number who are only working in the industry during the summer months - increasingly imported into NZ for the season and learning what is needed on the job, returning home at seasons end. There doesn't seem any mechanism requiring commercials to have a minimum number of DECA holders/X hundred hives, so many of those inspections are done by unqualified inspectors. All registered hobbyist hives are inspected by DECA holders, there is no alternative for us, thank goodness.
  6. Yes there is a problem, or else the AP 2's would not be finding so much of the AFB - someone - perhaps @Alastair who quoted something like 30% of the cases.
  7. Even with the course for a DECA, very few actually of the courses have very good frames for class participants to have a look at, just improving that would be an immense help - particularly for the hobbyists - can't remember how many I have sat through, and usually at best a frame with a few cells, and over 20 students - what about all the times there is a major breakout - how about making some of those available?
  8. I would have expected so, but as a hobbyist not paying GST, thank you for the info.
  9. Whatever the cause of this and the many other bee vehicle accidents, over time, it will promulgate changes to laws which will cause a lot of jumping up and down, a sensible industry would try to prevent those changes by whatever means are necessary before that happens. With particularly long days, there is a limit to just how well someone drives when they are dog-tired and dehydrated and hungry.
  10. I don't envy Daley, even if she is on home duties, must be insanely hot for her right now.
  11. DNA results have provided the means to enable those adopted out in the draconian old days to meet parents and half siblings, sometimes involving people in their seventies and eighties who never stopped wondering about their origins, or connect with the child their family forced them to adopt out.
  12. Last I heard, Auck Bee Club has 2 X 4 frames extractors, and 700 members, so don't like your chances. Kumeu Bee Group is small and does have a 4 frame extractor, but fully committed with members. You face the problem of not having joined a club much earlier, so any facilities will be pretty fully booked at present. Don't be put off by those trying to sell classes with membership - join and over time make up your mind if it is worthwhile to do classes - for many, offering to help and be muscle for longterm beeks when they are inspecting their hives teaches you more of the things not obvious in the book Practical Beekeeping in NZ.
  13. Rene did a demo at a local commercials a few years ago, details were posted on here, anyone could go and only four hobbyists and one small commercial turned up, I was shocked - I thought there would be a huge crowd, bonus for the small group who did bother - was so worth the trip.
  14. Can I suggest getting your Ancestry DNA done - that is the best one, and the graphics and facts regarding your own proportion of genetic inheritance from each parent is not the strict 50:50% we think - two siblings getting it done, and results can show one has a higher proportion from one or other parent, the graphs representation of the segments of each gene is fascinating. I had mine done a year ago for genealogy research, and while I already had a considerable knowledge of cell biology, this has been a real step up. Also, the number of people finding out that they weren't who they thought they were, and what a bunch of fabricators some parents have been - some who were half siblings, not full etc has been interesting.
  15. In general with genetics, one characteristic can be defined by more than one allele, often several working together, so there are multiple combinations if there is more than one to define the colour of a drone.
  16. There are dominant and recessive genes, in humans, two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed child, but two blue eyed cannot have a brown eyed child, as brown is a dominant gene, and if it was present in either parent, they would have brown eyes - perhaps that also applies to bee colouring.
  17. That distance is very doable if each flies towards towards the centre point, so each queen and drones only have to do about half the 10 klms or there abouts.
  18. I thought the same - I still remember the dish cloths and oasis that were pushed in earlier days before the staple advertorials started, and the suggestion that I should be prepared to eat a strip treatment as some were prepared to eat the dish cloth being touted. I may have old-timers disease, but not to that degree - yet.
  19. Reckon if you put a towbar on, would pull any trailer, would do the business moving bulk hives and where you did use it, should solve any boundary stacking problems.
  20. I need one of those - am so over people driving up my driveway to case the joint - burglaries are rife in rural Auck, I always put their number plate in my phone, but one of these would save the need to do that, and I would think it would not take much to get volunteer grandsons to man it every so often just to help the thieves have a better understanding of how things are here.
  21. Listened to a now semi-retired longterm commercial beek speak who suggested requeening in autumn - reason was that should get excellent matings, and once mated, over the winter the queen has the time to totally mature during a period of lower laying rates, and hit the spring running as a fully matured egg machine. Just one perspective, but rang true to me.
  22. As a hobbyist, I try to use 10 day cells - yes, I know that commercials use 2 day ones, but 10 day cells are more robust and seem to always mate.
  23. What rips my ration book is that now, as the beekeeper has to put their beek rego on any advert for sale of bees on Trademe, we have people with less than two years beekeeping experience mass producing 'queens' it is obvious as we all know where the numbers are relative to the year they registered and they have maybe even 10 hives. They are blissfully unaware a reputable breeder would usually have hundreds to pick a breeder queen from, after seeing how that queen and her daughters went in hives. Gullible people post on Backyard beekeeping looking for a queen have suppliers suggested, but those recommending suppliers have no real idea about the experience or AFB status of those they are suggesting, much less the type of characteristics the breeder thinks are great. I well remember one who believed that aggressive bees were a good sign in bees as they would produce more, but selling those types of bees to urban hobbyists was a recipe for disaster for not only the beek, but the neighbourhood that copped one of these queens, never mind that gently bees are just as productive.
  24. Easy enough to keep square if each beekeeper must use Rego number to vote - would be better still if only those with a DECA number to quote could vote - must be easy enough to stop multiple votes that way without outside gouging.
  25. Thanks @M4tt - I knew there was a lot up north, but news to me that it is still moving south at such a rate - still well north of Auck on the East Coast, but there is more out West Coast than there was. In the days when I was on a dairy farm - 50 years ago, pretty much everyone raised the bulk their own replacement stock - much like beekeeping, factory farming engenders migratory stock raising - the far north has often supplied outsourced heifers raised and sold as near calving to all and sundry, and also bulls are mass raised there to mop up what the AI misses.
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