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  1. You cannot even start to imagine the cone-ology in rural Auck, and they are placed about 2 metres apart maximum - the companies charge our illustrious council everytime they pick one up or put it down, plus a daily hire rate. In Aussie to stop this game the govt bought in a rule that the must be 4 metres apart, but Auck City Council ain't that smart, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of them we are paying for on an ongoing basis.
  2. If you are selling honey at an agricultural show or similar, as group fundraiser, Indians and Asians are always the best customers - if they are older, they all learnt to cook using honey as white sugar is a very recent addition to their diet.
  3. I would be utterly stuffed if NZ wasn't a nation of sugar-heads - honey really works beyond what most would ever believe, hope to never get to the stage of not having a jar in the car as it is the ultimate trading tool. Had a real rough guy stop and finish changing a punctured tyre in middle of Rotorua for me once, smile when I gave him a jar of honey said it all.
  4. That was the point of C4 testing, but as we all know, doesn't work well for manuka for example.
  5. Is the production of honey as heavily subsidised as most agriculture in the Eu?
  6. The trouble is that the 'lets save the bees' bunch will be quoting that stuff in social media from now to doomsday, bit like the 1080 lot etc, all secure with their tin hats on trying to educate us numpties..
  7. There was a well documented case of a group of yachties at Bucklands Beach who all bought matching fibreglass hull and decks for 'finish at home keelers', completed and fully paid for when the receiver notified that they has taken possession of them, so night-time raid, and collected very quietly hidden in barns around the town. Had they not acted, they would have landed up with nothing, and in a sailing mad town where no-one was going to talk.
  8. Can't process the whole of Germany has only 83 full time commercials - there are towns, never mind cities in NZ with more than that, and many urban streets with more hobbyists that that.
  9. You can buy the film by the square metre, and cannibalise an unrepairable suit for the patches - used to be called vilene, not sure of current name.
  10. At sewing supplies shops - like Spotlight, can buy an iron on film to 'glue' patch in place before sewing - makes it far easier, and if you make patch big enough, can reinforce thin area to save next patch. For years, most sailing trou had patches in place when you bought them to save the grief of patching.
  11. Any chance of a re-post, or link to it please?
  12. Thanks @CraBee here will be a welter of hobbyists who will be ecstatic - those with a sensible number of hives for the land they own, not planted in pines, but bee food.
  13. There is simply no limit to your recklessness!
  14. Hope you used the proceeds to buy a manual extractor - would open a whole new world to you!
  15. Thank you John, that makes sense - just wondering if you would be feeding 1 : 1 or 2 : 1 solution, as neither really stimulating or storing if there are stores in the hive.
  16. I'm so old that when I was a kid, story was that first sign of insanity was hairs growing on palms of hands, second sign was looking for them.
  17. I saw a german wasp nest at Tahi Honey's estate on their open day a few years ago, and it was also in a puriri tree. They found it over a month earlier when it munted forty hives within two weeks when they were inadvertently placed within 50 metres of it - it was about the size of two quad bike in volume, and it took the whole month to kill it as the puriri tree - like many of them is basically rotten and decayed in the middle, so the nests were all through the trunk and limbs, so this one may well need several trips to finish off, so hopefully more footage to come.
  18. 50 years ago here and in Britain, many milk trucks were electric to cut down the noise early in the morning - had a big bank of batteries which were also charges overnight, pity they didn't keep developing the technology back then.
  19. Wonderful analysis of the situation, and didn't even mention the huge decrease in noise level between the two - in an electric car, the tyres on the tarseal is the only real noise you hear, and at present the average 20 year old in NZ has worse hearing than the average 65 year old thanks to plug-in earpieces.
  20. Maggie - think it well past the time for you to start a thread - Show us your recipe.
  21. That certainly didn't cause the same envy as the bee shed photos.
  22. I am already well aware that I have a major case of 'shed envy' so this may be a bit of a challenge to read.
  23. Please stop skiting - we had all of 10 minutes of light mist/rain, most of it went to vapour as it hit something, diddly squat in the tank.
  24. Thank you @frazzledfozzle, was not brave enough to post that - difference between hobbyist and real commercial perhaps?
  25. Having sewn all sorts on a domestic machine - including sails, main thing is to frequently change needles as they get blunt and munted, and use heavier gauge for heavier fabric/card etc. Dust usually packs around the bobin holder and affects the running of the machine, so need to clear out quite often and oil or spray with silicone spray to lubricate.
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