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  1. At least at this time of the year, most honey is off, and treatments in, so what better time to sit down and plan for next season, work out what needs replacing or refurbishing, and then starting to work on the to do list in the shed.
  2. Excellent suggestion, that woman certainly didn't evoke any sympathy here..
  3. Lynda Hallinan - ex editor of NZ Gardner has posted an excellent 'beginners guide to fast growing food', and is widely followed, and given that everyone will hopefully be spending more time at home in the near future unale to do the things they usually do, whatever seeds she talked about, instantly sold out. She grew micro-greens in used coffee cups, so appealed to the greeny yuppie types.
  4. Obviously not, or else Auck would have unloaded lecherous Len before he started his second term. But on second thoughts, we would need a seperate one just for the lunacy of our super skitty.
  5. That is the best of the new charges, it no longer pays to have dump sites, Yahoo!
  6. The old stuff is a far heavier gauge than the new spit through on a few years product, so well worth salvaging.
  7. Knowing how many eggs are in each cell is more important than more photos - all eggs of laying workers are drones, and raising them would further weaken the hive.
  8. Sixteen year old grandson told me a four months ago that Warren Buffett had been cashing up, he reckoned the US would crash because you can't hold trade wars with virtually every large country in the world at once and win, so Trumpty de dump has been rescued with an excuse to explain the drop, it was already going to happen.
  9. @olbe - would you please share which cardboard are you using, or are you using gib-tape?
  10. In chemical manufacturing plants there are samples for testing, but also a reasonably large sample which is the 'retained sample' labeled with batch number and date which is generally kept for 5 years, so if there are ever any questions over time about a batch, staff can refer back to the retained samples.
  11. Lovely story for first post @Carol Thompson, welcome to the forum.
  12. Someone who knows more than me will be along soon, but to me there may well be a queen, but her ability to lay will be suppressed because of the lack of honey near the brood.
  13. Very puzzled, are you not the same identity as set up Puriti, as you only have only two posts?
  14. Time some of you women pulled rank and pointed out that men generally has a higher accident rate, so you drive and new slave inducted.
  15. Most importantly, have you narrowed the entrance down on both hives - if not, that is a do now job, as you know you have robbing going on.
  16. Thread with photos was possibly a couple of years ago, and can't find it. Too IT challenged to post photo, but it is the same range as you show in the photo you posted above, only you put the white basket out of the 500 ml size into the 1 litre container from the same range - often used to be on sale at the Warehouse. That way, when you roll and shake, the varroa are able to drop away from the bees for counting.
  17. Most of us have what was called the @Dennis Crowley setup, the 1 litre container with the basket out of the 500 ml container. Leaves plenty of room for the fallout - the Red Shed has them on special often.
  18. Think you have stumbled on a much overlooked possible target market, just hope they tell their friends who tell their friends....
  19. Some of the $2 shops have packets of about 5 of the sports ball inflator fittings that fit in the tyre pump fitting which work well only need a 3 mm hole in container, and all good to go.
  20. This is already the law, and has been for several years - most sprays can only be bought in small quantities - to buy any more than that you must have done a course, and be able to produce the all important piece of paper. Course includes being able to compute how many litres/minute that is being sprayed.
  21. You cannot even start to imagine the cone-ology in rural Auck, and they are placed about 2 metres apart maximum - the companies charge our illustrious council everytime they pick one up or put it down, plus a daily hire rate. In Aussie to stop this game the govt bought in a rule that the must be 4 metres apart, but Auck City Council ain't that smart, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of them we are paying for on an ongoing basis.
  22. If you are selling honey at an agricultural show or similar, as group fundraiser, Indians and Asians are always the best customers - if they are older, they all learnt to cook using honey as white sugar is a very recent addition to their diet.
  23. I would be utterly stuffed if NZ wasn't a nation of sugar-heads - honey really works beyond what most would ever believe, hope to never get to the stage of not having a jar in the car as it is the ultimate trading tool. Had a real rough guy stop and finish changing a punctured tyre in middle of Rotorua for me once, smile when I gave him a jar of honey said it all.
  24. That was the point of C4 testing, but as we all know, doesn't work well for manuka for example.
  25. Is the production of honey as heavily subsidised as most agriculture in the Eu?
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