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  1. @yesbut, VSH resistance is a recessive gene, so @David Yanke is totally right! Biology trumps advertorials.
  2. Also, while frame wire attaches it to the smoker, plug chain that looks like a row of tiny metal balls doesn't get caught up in stuff, it tends to roll out.
  3. When I realised that I had paid hugely to hear someone like Watson speak heifer dust at the Rotorua Conference in 2016, I realised the focus had changed with the creation of Apiculture NZ. As a hobbyist, I am really only interested in beekeeping and the science behind it, the marketing stuff is down there with IT stuff to me. Mercifully, NZ Beekeepers Association came along to fill the chasm.
  4. So mainly a once over lightly on anything to do with science so as not to detract from the social focus - seems an expensive get together to actually learn sweet all. With so many new entrants in the industry, an opportunity lost.
  5. There was one in Whakatiki St, Upper Hutt - was built for Tasman Vaccine Laboratories - I went on a professional tour through it in the early '60's. Not sure if it is still operating.
  6. Hi @onslow66, welcome to the forum. Do you have entrance reducers on the hives, and if so, how big is the opening?
  7. Good to see her working on her biceps - should be up to hive tool lifting soon.
  8. Research papers which are not peer reviewed - by respected people are worth jack zip - that is perhaps not obvious to those who are just trying to hype the ongoing manuka boom, but is the core of all accepted research.
  9. May she continue to bring you up properly.
  10. How come you are not subject to a restaint of trade after sooo long working with him?
  11. Wondering if you are a beekeeper @Adam Boot?
  12. Elsewhere, I have seen someone claim that there is a new design at $80 each, but a $16 reload cartridges - will be a far better option as often 2 are needed.
  13. @kaihoka, as the oxalic acid is water soluble, if you wash the crushed wax in water you will be sure there is none in it.
  14. Or the number of advertorials are posted.
  15. It's winter, when a mild sniffle can put her off food for several days, and also a dump either way makes a difference to the numbers. She is absolutely perfect just the way she is.
  16. Maybe I have seen a biased sample, but the only hives I have seen or heard of with the apparent symptoms of nosema have been heavily oxalic acid vaporised, and I think it could well be that when the bees injest food heavily laden with oxalic crystals, it destroys the beneficial microbes in the bee gut - much like the effect of some antibiotics in humans.
  17. Thanks @CraBee, good to know Emissary has decades in the business, pleasant change from '5 minute expert' proclamations - there's many things that only experience of the repeated highs and low teach.
  18. Our group recommends that newbeeks use strips - Apivar and Bayvarol for the first two years, strickly according to green book so people understand what a healthy hive looks like. Apiguard is too reliant on correct ambient temperature for newbeeks. People suggesting other things are inevitably in the nuc selling market in Auck.
  19. Some of the abandoned hives have had AFB. I think some grew so fast in hive and apiary numbers, they simply forgot what they had where - too big, too fast as a reality - and of course, not on the Apiweb site to prompt their memory..
  20. One of the difficulties as I see it is that as they aren't beeks, they will take some convincing about your skill if further clinical AFB develops which would not be unexpected. It would be helpful to know why the previous beek really left before you put a plan in place.
  21. Unfortunately, theres been years of the 'save the bees' stuff, really never applicable in NZ that adds to the mix as well.
  22. We are now finding hobby newbees who have never used a hammer, so we start with that bit first, and they really enjoy the whole process of assembley, but it shows how life has changed - we all built huts and forts and whatever else we thought we needed. I really enjoy the woodwork side of it, and while I have made some boxes from the start, mainly just assemble boxes now, but make nuc boxes etc instead for fun. Have extended the tool and skill range in the beek cause over time.
  23. Sensible new mother making sure to keep prospective baby-sitters happy.
  24. Totally agree Bron, I am so over trying to help some happless newbee who has paid far too much for absolute rubbish nucs. We all used to provide nucs to one or two in the season, and help mentor them through the learning curve, but now it's firefighting after someone has made a killing. Here, many of us work in with both hobby and commercials to benefit everyone, but there are many who are still a law unto themselves.
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