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  1. We could slow down the incursions by requiring those who import semen/fertilised eggs etc to carry enough insurance for several years to totally cover any repercussions of the imports.
  2. Well @RGBees, even if we ain't solved your problem, think of all the other landowners with apiaries of 8 hives on that the beek has rung up to check with the property owner that they are happy.
  3. I imagine the Taliban and Isis have a bulk order in for the Hi-lux's as that's all they seem to use.
  4. @Kiwi Bee, the Nait tagged stock bred overseas are very tightly controlled for their entire life - friend recently put one on the 'last trip' truck to the works, clearly marked animal, told driver, noted on his paperwork as well as the stock agents, but she didn't advise MPI within 7 days as had no power, phone or internet at the time, so had the spectacle of the full song and dance routine - but of course she didn't have the power of over 100,000 head of stock. Tested or not, best practice should have been a proper lifetime quarantine surely.
  5. The farmer who imported the semen is purported to have over 100,000 dairy cows, and 25 of the cowsheds are automatic. Now, what will be the effect of his decision to import on smaller more prudent farmers thanks to the GIA?
  6. Are the wafers not temperature sensitive to function?
  7. And the stainless fixings have way less grip on the timber, and even annular grooved decking nails work their way out of the timber.
  8. Possibly because my laptop is ancient, The site recognises me as using a mobile, and without a swipe screen cannot do many things. Perhaps I am not the only one?
  9. There is always the hope that there is a BP type leak to sort the price - there is no logic in dropping prices after two years of generally poor crops and reduced production - smells like a cartel. A leak could provide and instant correction to the prices.
  10. There is a difference between rubbishing western culture and being aware that not all it has done in the past was squeeky clean and glorious.
  11. I'm a diehard Kiwi, and happy to remain so as are my children and in the meantime grand children. Perhaps in greater Auck we have a greater exposure of both the plusses and minuses of a sudden large influx of immigrants, and life rolls on.
  12. By greatest, possibly the greatest number of nuclear arms - and humanity can't get enough of those can it
  13. @BrentG, we always recomend at least one nuc box for each hive you hit spring with, if only to be able to catch and hive swarms, and for easier requeening. Totally agree with making first supers - made my first few with some douglass fir I had to prove I could, but like most, can't get the timber for what I buy them for. We buy flat pack as a group so you get a better price per box. Nuc boxes can be the wooden ends/coreflute rest, which are easy to make, and cost jack-zip, so are good for quarantining swarms from an unknown source.
  14. Not entirely correct, @Philbee, I'm rural, own water and sewerage and have to pay for rubbish disposal, but a supermarket has recently arrived just up the road - personally, would have preferred limiting the population of greater Auckland, so new arrivals spread out to the rest of the country shared the joy. The reality is that rateswise, bigger is not better.
  15. It's the difference between 'the survival of the fittest' mentality, or 'feed them or fight them'. I would see feeding people as cheaper in terms of human lives, and considerably more profitable financially in the long term.
  16. Or simply stop wasting so much of what is produced and sold. The amount dumped by supermarkets is mind bogling - all to maintain higher prices.
  17. Not usually, I think Kings Seeds is one of the few more widely available brands that is not coated. Most seeds are F 1 hybrid also, so it is not possible to save the seeds from a good crop for next year, as they do not throw true to type, hence seed saving/swapping groups are on the rise - have several on Auck alone. Same problem as beeking etc - corporatisation.
  18. Monsanto provide the neonic coatings for seeds, and own large controlling parcels of shares in most seed producing companies, including Yates, through a convoluted chain. With Bayer endeavouring to buy Monsanto, the EU will still be challenged to stop the ongoing use of the seed coatings which persist in both the plant and the soil for years. Gardeners know only too well that there are very few companies selling uncoated seeds. Humanity survived very well without these coatings for millenia, and will again without them.
  19. If the cage is in a queen-right hive, unlikely the workers will feed her.
  20. Makes it plain that paying levies to have a GIA for new incursions is hissing in the wind, whatever arrvied would have well and truly bolted in a month.
  21. I get a text, so guess somewhere I must have ticked that box - probably on apiweb.
  22. This was send to me by NZ Beekeeping Inc, they send ongoing information of interest to actual beekeepers.
  23. Think you are about right @Stoney. The ongoing changes in extraction requirements are a farce, and when the first changes started, the small commercials thought it was to their benefit, but now just about everyone is over a barrel to the large extraction plants - for a relatively low risk food. The rising level of AFB with all the too big too fast beeks, both hobby and commercial, means that the risk of cross contamination at the extraction plants will increase with time, even with the best of practice. NZ Beekeepers Inc are focused purely on the beekeepers, whereas Apiculture NZ has given equal power to the middlemen, with a hobby rep with a casting vote - and from a hobbyist point of view, is missing in action.
  24. Pity we don't have the smarts to do the same. MPI blindly accept the quality of food imported from a country where a large group of their citizens colluded to add melamine to baby food.
  25. If the seller had a DECA, start with cancelling that.
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