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  1. Please stop skiting - we had all of 10 minutes of light mist/rain, most of it went to vapour as it hit something, diddly squat in the tank.
  2. Thank you @frazzledfozzle, was not brave enough to post that - difference between hobbyist and real commercial perhaps?
  3. Having sewn all sorts on a domestic machine - including sails, main thing is to frequently change needles as they get blunt and munted, and use heavier gauge for heavier fabric/card etc. Dust usually packs around the bobin holder and affects the running of the machine, so need to clear out quite often and oil or spray with silicone spray to lubricate.
  4. Lot of excellent content in that post and YouTube Alastair - they don't see a problem with wet strips, so perhaps the problem you had last autumn was more about a higher formic acid content if you heated the mix higher than 60 C. Certainly puts a different light on things.
  5. I hope that there will be more people posting, as it is already obvious that many have been quietly trying variations who had not until now been prepared to face the consequences of posting something that didn't follow the current dogma. Over time, there are those who stop posting for various reasons, but recently, the pool of those posting seems to have really narrowed far more quickly than previously, and it would be great to see many of them reappear, as the greater the pool of contributors, the better off we all are.
  6. Who would have thought that a career in beekeeping could lead on to one sewing. Will have to Google vocab sites to find out what the male version of seamstress is.
  7. If you had a legal challenge, I would suggest that there would be a host of people prepared to help ensure you had the professional expertise available to defend yourself - this has been very much a collaborative development. If someone develops and produces a purpose constructed fibre product without stitching for example it would be a mission to tie it to said patent.
  8. Generally I would agree, but over this thread and several others many posts have amounted to advertorials, and has blurred the lines considerably between unbiased facts, and sales promotional material. Somewhere Philbee stated that he no longer owned some part of this business, in order to be able to do the trials he has been doing so that they qualify as 'independent' which I find very disconcerting, as it couldn't be described as 'dealing at arms length' as they say, but that is not to say there is anything wrong with the results.
  9. Reckon that Yesbut is right - diagonal ss bracing with tensioners in each length - in recent major earthquakes, buildings sitting on piles in the ground with braced wooden framing fared way better than those sitting on slab concrete floors.
  10. Sorry, not a prayer of stirring it back to a liquid unless you cream it. Will turn into one big crystalised mass.
  11. Working on the mission Alastair, waiting for reply.
  12. I had assumed you would have had blue blood.
  13. Dr Google says it will start playing in NZ from March 5th, generally in smaller boutique cinemas. From the trailer would be one of my must sees for this year. Was nominated for Oscars for best Doco, and foreign film.
  14. Either you have a short memory, or else you think everyone else does, not sure which applies.
  15. Problem you will encounter is that very soon the sodding ants will move in. Can leave in dark coloured car to heat it up. I put the legs of the extractor in 3 litre ice cream containers with some water it to prevent them overtaking the extractor.
  16. I would be surprised if someone with the skills and access to the mountain of moth-balled paper and cardboard making machinery around the country does not see the opportunity, and set-up a specialised fibre based product with the structural integrity to eliminate all the sewing.
  17. I think most who read a monumentally funny post by Merk several years ago would have stopped using tape for cuffs, either that or always carry spare suit etc - possibly well before Philbee started beekeeping.
  18. I reckon it's really going to be a church - lets be honest, doesn't matter if half the parishioners are starving, everyone still contributes every week to the church to ensure it's ongoing wealth. A shrewd and cunning plan @jamesc never heard of a church going broke, and can have honey festival to raise money for the 'church'. Variation on the black teeshirts and expensive rings that pervade South Auck, which has proved a right little earner. James for bishop or perhaps pope anytime soon?
  19. Pretty meaty construction going on there - is that untreated pine, or something else?
  20. Up side of this is that you now realise why so many of us - particularly up north where quite a few have crossed over to the dark side lament it, as when a hive has a first cross of the two lines, things can really change for the worse rapidly.
  21. Thanks to globalisation and the 'just in time' philosophy' China sneezes, and the world has a global slowdown - Wuhan manufactures so many parts - some for the car industry and also components for the I-pad products for example that impact so many large enterprises, so effect will be instant and widespread. Prior to the crash in the early nineties, all prudent NZ manufacturers always had at least four to six months raw materials on hand, so if something happened, manufacturing rolled on, then the hatchet men came in and bought these companies, adopted the just in time idea, stopped stocking ahead, so low and behold companies looked a great deal more profitable because the reduced materials in stock, so were snapped up as market darlings, then to remain looking profitable, the redundancies to reduce salary outgoings started. Lets hope the world is not starting that type of cycle again.
  22. Some of us are just about to the stage of storm envy. Here, the cracks in the clay are real ankle breakers - I have some over 30 mm wide here.
  23. That helps make the decision for you, keep the golden ones and all the beeks around you are happy, or keep BB (and you can keep believe it stands for Black Beauty all you wish) for just a percentage might be the 'right' colour.
  24. Hive tools are considered a very low risk, but at under $10, as far as I am conserned, would rather spend that than dig a hole to burn a hive - particularly while the clay is as hard as concrete.
  25. Worry not Fluffy, you have the huge advantage of being in the Waikato where Dr Mark Goodwin has had a program going to lower the AFB rate in the area, so having had a diseasathon, and followups it is more closely monitored than many areas. In Auck where we have what can only be described as a stupid number of apiaries, many of us are in areas where there has been a case in the last couple of years, so are showing as red on the Apiweb, but fortunately many of us have yet to have it strike us - thank goodness. just make sure you don't take risks shifting gear from hive to hive, and never have more invested in hiveware than you can afford to burn. Some who have blithely started and split/split/split, and then find they have multiple hives so burn start to moan, but they made the decision to grow the number of hives very quickly before they could recognise AFB. Please read the yellow book on The Elimination Of American Foulbrood Without the Use of Drugs by Mark Goodwin again just to help ensure you remember the details.
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