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  1. Pyres like that with beeswax would however take many of us back to the draconian days of real beeswax candles in all powerful churches run by the morally bankrupt and perverted. Would take a far bit of whiskey to wash that memory away, never mind grieving for the departed!
  2. I forgot the figure quoted - senior moment - was either 40% or 60% - which is a fair wack.
  3. Found it educational that in last nights news, Jacinda said that sales of honey to Japan have risen hugely since the signing of the TTPA, so someone is not telling the truth - perhaps those same people are buying very cheap honey while saying the international market if falling.
  4. Exactly @frazzledfozzle, why would someone pay stupid money for a queen on Trademe, buying from someone with half a dozen hives calling themselves a queen breeder? I remember a top ayrshire breeder and judge saying that from a herd of 200 cows, no matter how good they are, there should not be more than 10 cows max that you should keep a bull from if you wish to maintain the standard, or better still improve it, and that does not take into account that many of that ten will have heifers.
  5. Yep, photo took a good thirty years off.
  6. I think you are absolutely right @BSB, and I would venture to suggest that those selling anything that lays have contributed in no small way to the lower average crop/hive - not the only cause, but definitely a contributor. If you are selling a dairy bull, the production figures of the cow he is from are provided. It never ceases to amaze me that people who are trying to make a living, admittedly in their first year or so of beekeeping, and as a commercial from the getgo pay a kings ranson for hundreds, if not thousands of nucs with anything that looks like a queen in them, laying a few eggs. Many of these so-called queen breeders, when asked about of the temperament of the bees will proudly tell you how agro they are, which they read as a positive characteristic, as if nice bees are inferior.
  7. One thing we hobby beeks need to understand is that if there was a brilliant blend of essential oils, or anything else that actually works, the first to give it a go are the commercials for whom it is there living. I bet that overall there is nothing published online that no one here has found and read.
  8. I think the core of your problem is captured in the phrase 'horrid chemical strips'. They are your hives best chance of survival, plus change whatever it was that caused the small size of the hives in the first place. Adding a cocktail of unproven essential oils will not overcame those problems.
  9. Possibly not queenless, so much as the queen was on a pre-swarm diet and had stopped laying.
  10. Maybe hive wintered with two queens, and 'time has come' for one.
  11. If you haven't frozen them, no matter how you have scrapped, there will still be eggs - often hidden in the holes the wire goes through.
  12. Allergy NZ are about $120, so way cheaper, and still tax deductible.
  13. In NZ, it's up to the beekeeper - in the northern hemisphere the question does not arise as spring/summer/autumn are in the middle of the year, so there aren't parts of two different seasons in the same chronological year.
  14. Only other answer is that the sellers results are not for that drum, but another one. I would be referring details to Assure Quality. I think that Frazzledfozzle is probably right about the melezitose, and therefore would have been unlikely to have passed the manuka test anyway.
  15. Good that this system works and saves either a cut-out or destroy situation, but generally with swarms from unknown origins, we were taught to always use new frames and wax, so any AFB spores in the honey they were carrying would be used up drawing out wax, and safely out of harms way.
  16. We have a first year in our group who got a sting under his nose, and landed up looking like elephant man three hours later, so inner city jafaland medical centre fired off an epipen, and sent him to A & E who said that if they had seen him first, would not have given him one. Fortunately the GP in his family has advised him to take a non-drowsy anti-histamine before he works his hives to lower the risk, so that may be another way of helping dealing with this. I find sometimes I get far more reaction than others, and think that the nectar source may have an influence, but not a shred of evidence.
  17. I'm an unabashed hobby beek like Tommy Dave. I am definitely not really fit to carry the smoker of the likes of Alastair, and I am well aware of the huge chasm from me to those who have earned their living working fulltime for decades, and who did 'apprenticeships with as good as there was in the industry at the time.
  18. For new hobby beeks, we get 35 mm sidebar kitsets, as it means they are a close fit with little room to make mistakes. Some of the plastic frames - some white ones in particular have 31 mm sidebars, and Ecrotek plastic ones are 33 mm, so that can also change the fit of them in a box.
  19. At the start of his second summer, he 'gave' the ABC queens for all the clubs hives - their crop from 8 hives was 118 kg, and just a block up the road a first year with two hive did 90 kg. He continues to sell the rubbish queens, and nucs widely, including Trademe.
  20. Calling an introduction to hobby beekeeping 8 lesson course as an adequate training and then calling himself a commercial four months later really gets to the heart of the arrogance of the fellow, and shows the core problems in the industry, never mind the simpletons pledging money to fund it all.
  21. Starting page 120 in Practical Beekeeping in NZ by Andrew Matheson and Murray Reid cover the whole topic of moving hives very well, and there are other references through the book. When you have a problem, that is the first reference to use, alongside the yellow AFB book and the green varroa book. If you use online information (other than on this forum), you will continue to have problems, as anyone can post anything they wish, and much is guided by what they are trying to sell you.
  22. As long as you drizzle it with Speights, should all be good, regardless of the recipe you use.
  23. Some of the Chinese hive tools are the very ones that used to be sold at a far higher price when there was only one local Auck supplier - identical size, outline and weight. Truth is, I have only ever heard of them break with a man using them, so perhaps women just use them in a different way, and we all manage to get our hives open.
  24. Maybe "Evergreen' rides again? Court case over and fined, but no embargo on them keeping on keeping on!
  25. That map is rubbish - the Auck Council are already warning of the need to conserve water as the city supply dams are well down, it is regularly being advertised in the media.
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