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  1. Possibly just bees in robbing mode - they tend to move around as a buzzing hoard.
  2. Usually feed at the top of the hive, so robbers have to run the gauntlet of the guard bees to reach it, and with a reduced entrance, guards should win. Feeding at the bottom was always going to be a problem, as guards are on a hiding to nothing.
  3. I thought that Tony Alexanders article was really interesting, but didn't factor in the drop in oil prices internationally - the Russians and the Middle East are in a battle which will impact USA hugely, as it will drop their income at a time when their trade wars with many countries are only just starting to hit home.
  4. Perhaps a 'home' of bamboo in short lengths stacked and in an open front box - let them hibernate in the house, and then 'gift' to somewhere far, far away.
  5. Thank you @Katipo, had always wondered why everyone got caught up in draping strips over frames as I thought it must make them more difficult to remove. Conventional strips are suspended, Apivar I put toothpicks in to make life easier - wouldn't like to do that as a commercial, but with a few hives, hobbyist can do that quite easily.
  6. Overnight on Al Jazeera, Trump did a press conference stating that USA will not have a lockdown, apparently it is not the American way, so soon we will see what would have happened had our government put short-term money in front of peoples lives. Pushing a button would be only marginally worse than what could now be about to happen in the US. Darwinism is alive and well!
  7. At least at this time of the year, most honey is off, and treatments in, so what better time to sit down and plan for next season, work out what needs replacing or refurbishing, and then starting to work on the to do list in the shed.
  8. Excellent suggestion, that woman certainly didn't evoke any sympathy here..
  9. Lynda Hallinan - ex editor of NZ Gardner has posted an excellent 'beginners guide to fast growing food', and is widely followed, and given that everyone will hopefully be spending more time at home in the near future unale to do the things they usually do, whatever seeds she talked about, instantly sold out. She grew micro-greens in used coffee cups, so appealed to the greeny yuppie types.
  10. Obviously not, or else Auck would have unloaded lecherous Len before he started his second term. But on second thoughts, we would need a seperate one just for the lunacy of our super skitty.
  11. That is the best of the new charges, it no longer pays to have dump sites, Yahoo!
  12. The old stuff is a far heavier gauge than the new spit through on a few years product, so well worth salvaging.
  13. Knowing how many eggs are in each cell is more important than more photos - all eggs of laying workers are drones, and raising them would further weaken the hive.
  14. Sixteen year old grandson told me a four months ago that Warren Buffett had been cashing up, he reckoned the US would crash because you can't hold trade wars with virtually every large country in the world at once and win, so Trumpty de dump has been rescued with an excuse to explain the drop, it was already going to happen.
  15. @olbe - would you please share which cardboard are you using, or are you using gib-tape?
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