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  1. Synthetic is another of the marketing spin words. Personally I would not for one minute wish to go to a factory in China producing 99.9% Oxalic Acid, or concentrated Formic acid, to suggest that it would be a place fit for humans is laughable, it's a case of out of sight, out of mind.
  2. Sailabee

    NZBF Honey gates

    Front left of the bucket looks like frames side bars in the making, and front right of bucket, saw-bench push sticks.
  3. Sailabee

    Why i am voting NO for the commodity levy

    You don't understand @Adam Boot, from the beekeepers point of view, all honey which is proven to be substantially manuka must be able to be marketed as such, with no quick fixes to satisfy those making a living off the sweat of the beekeepers. It must be properly sorted.
  4. My opinion was formed with the benefit of a couple of decades standing at a laboratory bench, both in research but mostly product development in chemical manufacturing, which usually involved developing and implementing the quality control systems, and any company you tried to convince to use a set of 4 or 5 tests which are mathematically unrelated to each other to define it's purity would have had you down the road before you finished speaking, no matter how gold plated you tried to make it sound. You may benefit from the current definition, while real beekeepers are seeing their quality product fail testing because numpties thought something was better than nothing.
  5. Not only that, your generation is educating us ignorant olds to a whole new range we were blissfully unaware of.
  6. Sailabee

    NZBF Honey gates

    Also means that the buckets all stack together in winter, which for hobby beeks with limited space, it's a winner.
  7. Thank you, I withdraw the comment - I was following on from another post.
  8. Sailabee

    Tasman Fires

    Maybe you are developing the next big thing in beekeeping - smoked honey, get Puriti onto it, could be brilliant, no levy needed to develop, just swept up packaging. Seriously though, hope all your hives are getting on with the work.
  9. The voting for excetive members is hive number related - once again a few biggies get what they want. Even if every owner/operator voted for the same people, would have a snowflakes hope in hell.
  10. Sailabee


    I have a friend at Karekare Beach who has had tutu very close to her hives for 30 years and has always tested since it was available, and because of all the other forage, has not had a duff test.
  11. Sailabee

    More by-kill

    Most probably some numpty authoritatively explaining how to put flee killer in sodding jam, happens every year somewhere. Don't worry, Karin Kos thinks it's all part of the process.
  12. Sailabee

    February 2019 diary

    55 mm spacers would mean you could use 3/4 boxes in the meantime.
  13. Sailabee

    February 2019 diary

    The ongoing Valentines Day?
  14. Not a single meeting in Auckland, a city of over 1 1/2 million people with more than it's share of commercial beekeepers, so either travel to Whangarei or Hamilton.
  15. Sailabee

    Manuka fail

    You would have thought that the 'P' testing fiasco would have taught government employees something - in Auckland there are many houses still standing derelict because after the owner was forced to strip them out - all wall-board, plus kitchens and bathrooms etc, at burglary prices owner didn't have the dost to reinstate. Of course those honey buyers with endless shareholder funds can buy cheap and wait on the standards to be changed - as long as it does not take too long.