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  1. The Southern Beekeepers discussion group has completed the first two rounds of sampling southern beehives at sites in Mosgiel and Lake Hawea for the American Foulbrood (AFB) research project, Clean Hive. However, a major AFB outbreak in the North Island is keeping the laboratory they are using busy with samples, so the results have been delayed. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/the-country/news/article.cfm?c_id=16&objectid=12223153
  2. @Rob Stockley did one like that before he shifted to the Wairarapa, perhaps he could comment?
  3. @MissOlivia, please do not buy bees from anyone until you have spent several months reading and going to whichever club you choose, otherwise it will end in a dead-out come spring. Beekeeping is not something to suddenly take up without having a real depth of knowledge - many on this forum have decades of full-time experience behind them and many are very helpful, but it is utterly frustrating retrospectively explaining why a hive died.
  4. Are the stuck bees trying to get in or out please?
  5. We can but hope that a sledge hammer sentence is applied, rather than the traditional wet bus ticket to signal to the other offenders (and there will) so that a clear message is sent.
  6. Agree with cBank, and also the Silky brand - also Japanese manufactured. Have one of each brand, both excellent once you adjust to it cutting on the pull rather than push stroke.
  7. I sincerely hope they class the yeasts that produce alcohol as animal, would seem product may be wasted otherwise.
  8. Pity we can't do as the Aussies do and just fire everything, boxes and frames through a gamma sterilisation plant which not only deals to the AFB, but any viruses, varroa small hive beetle or wax moths. Fast - two hour turn around, not even expensive to do either.
  9. Now that could be part of a shrewd and cunning plan!
  10. We have our problems in NZ, but at least here product is not competing with the bee processed sugar that Capilano, a big corporate has imported (with financial tie-up with Comvita).
  11. Darwin is alive and well Yesbut, fear not, you are right, others, not so much.
  12. There are already a massive number of nubeeks splitting to sell in spring in the mistaken belief that the prices will rise again, and it simply won't happen. Virtually no nucs or hives selling for real money on Trademe - some nucs have sold without reserve for as low as $65. If you are good with that, go for it, but all that work for the hell of, I don't think so.
  13. With the existing wax, there would be problems finding a suitable adhesive to reattach the bottom strip securely, and with sods law, bound to dislodge at worst possible time - like in extractor, so as Tristan says, use without one and mainly as brood frames.
  14. Even the hobby beeks that I have seen online, use electric fences, higher than deer fences to keep them out..
  15. Totally agree. Time, miles and cost of hire, burn the lot and put it down to experience. Reputable beeks would have told you this had you asked before you bought.
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