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  1. Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the east west is the best...or the norm on pallets. ?
  2. Hi, quick question, four hives on a pallet, does the one facing south do worse than the others that get more morning sun and shelter from wind ? I have three per pallet at present, have not been using pallets for long.
  3. Diane

    AFB checks

    I did some teaching on dieaese symptoms
  4. Diane

    AFB checks

    I did some teaching on dieaese symptoms
  5. Diane

    AFB checks

    I was doing an AFB check on a hive for someone today, big hive, had obviously swarmed recently as from a hive with 2 full depth boxes of bees there was only 1 frame with 1/4 of sealed brood, the rest was young larve and lots of eggs, so thinking new queen. The owner gave me a history of being away and on return the 2 boxes were over full. My question is, on doing a disease check, only a couple of frames of brood to check due to lack of brood, I was concerned the hive smelt bad but looked fine, the few capped cells there were and open larvee looked healthy, just the fishy smell. So I signed forms as AFB free but added in the actions section that I would check the hive in 2 months. I would have a good amount of brood to check by then. Do others think this is a good plan or other ideas?
  6. Maybe best to keep asking the AFB history question when second hand hiveware comes up.
  7. They can also, hatch, mate, lay on different days from guides depending on temperature in the hive, bee numbers etc, Trev sort your fingers out ?
  8. Does anyone know if the rules surrounding selling on trademe are under review? I have put a few suggestions to them before re splitting sales into topics, hive ware, bees, etc but no changes. I would like to see some regulations regarding second hand hive equipment and bees from properties that have a recent history if AFB. I have bought bees on trademe, and on arrival to the sellers property been told by them that they are legally not suppose to sell due to recent AFB history !. Any ideas who is the best group to approach regarding this ? Trademe? Apiculture NZ
  9. Very little rain in Pukekawa, pond looking as low as it does in Dec, clover and barberry starting, more necter coming in than last year. Hives in the avocados teaming, hives in Lucerne paddocks better. 10 out of 10 for virgin queen matng and from AFB checks from mine and locals zip so far. ?
  10. The laws around selling hives should some what match the laws around selling honey, way behind in this area, I would pay a Levey to see trade me tidied up, no second hand gear, only sales if you have a reg number and to those with a reg number. Only can sell if seller holds a DECA. There is to much money and peoples lively hoods invested in the industry to have no rules regarding the sale and purchase of hives. It makes me grumpy to see old looking second hand gear on trade me with 20 bids and not one of those bids asking for AFB history
  11. Thanks that's great. I will give it a go today.
  12. Has anyone tried to put a roller type queen cage on queen cells built on frames? Or any other ideas to cage these cells. I have a hive with lots of queen cells on one frame and another hive queenless, so I was wondering about trying to cage some of the cells to get another queen. They are due to hatch today or tomorrow.
  13. Playing hide and seek, my hive tool is excellent at this game, me not so much
  14. Very true, I am busier doing AFB checks this week than I was last week. It is a lot easier to check pre honey flow so there are not heavy honey boxes to lift.
  15. Good learning curve, I learnt I'm not interested in having a top bar hive, hot day, warm wax, not stable to check.
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