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  1. Do you have to hold a DECA for 12 months before you can inspect a neighbours hive ? Or is it just a case of once you hold the DECA you are good to go.
  2. Hi Folks, I had a win today with getting a Neonicotinoid based product removed from our shelves. The product in question is LawnPro/ Lawnguard by Kiwicare. Great to see such a quick response to my request so if you see any Neonicotinoid products at Farm Source (RD1) please let me know as I will ensure they are removed. Big shout out to the Farm Source Director who took my request seriously. Time for a Brandy and bask in the fact that my bees have a better chance .. Now to work on the local Garden Centres!!
  3. Neonicotinoids

    I had the opportunity to listen to a really interesting presentation at the ApiNZ hub meeting in Thames last weekend where we discussed the incidence of CCD and the offending Neonictinoids. I thought I would do a little research on Neonictinoids as when I go to the Garden centre I have no idea who the offenders are and what products to avoid. So this is what I have found out after looking through the NZ Novachem Agricultural Manual. The active ingredients we have to look for when purchasing sprays are: Clothianidin, Imidacloprid , Thiacloprid or Thiamethoxam. The mode of action for this group is through Nerve action. These chemicals are all systemic so even if they are used in coating seeds they still progress through the plant. At my local garden centre I found the following containers just designed for home gardeners: Confidor, Active ingredient - Imidacloprid, used as a spray for mites, aphids etc Rose Force & Insect Hit - KiwiCare- active ingredient Thiacloprid Rose Gun Advanced - Yates: active ingredient - Imidacloprid My search continues...  ◦
  4. Foraging range

    Bees foraging coverage I came across this tool which shows the foraging range for your Apiary ... Even applies to us in little Ol NZ. Thought you might be interested.
  5. i have just purchased a Nuc in a Corflute box, I have read some of the posts regarding Corflute vs Wood but still have a couple of questions? If the occasional frost drops to the -5 is that too cold.. I know it would be for me. The recommendation was that I could leave it in this for winter. I'm on the Hauraki Plains and the Marine clay is continuously damp in winter. Just some thoughts please.
  6. Hi, I am off to look at a swarm tomorrow that has been in a wall of a carport for about 2 weeks. Supposed to be easy to get to! I was thinking of putting it into a FD ten frame box, looking at Trev's video he held pieces of comb In place with rubber bands. Anything else I should do to help with the process. I will look at it tomorrow and then formulate a plan. I will take some photos and post for any suggestions.
  7. So I just thought I would pop onto the forum for a quick look on the pros and cons of under supering and then a little bit of info on adding second honey super ... Well an hour plus later and I have more questions than answers. As there is more than one way to skin a cat I think I will just go with majority/experience rules. It's great to be able to tap into such a wealth of info from experienced Beeks and Commercials, your input is appreciated !!!
  8. Hi, it has been suggested that I should be running 9 frames in my honey supers not 10 to get the girls to build out the comb more... So this is my question.. The 2 end frames are just starting to be built on, is it advisable to take out one frame and space them out a bit or just keep my sticky fingers out of the hive for this week.. I was in looking at them yesterday.
  9. AFB app

    Last week I was looking at the AFB app on a friends phone. 2 of the guys in the group had it, 1 on an android and the other on an iPhone... I can't find it in the App Store... The wee logo was that of a yellow Beehive.. Has anybody got it on their phone/ iPad and what was the name of the app. We thought it was just AFB app??
  10. NZBF Pallet Base

    I was thinking (probably dangerous I know ) of using the black slip pallet liners under my hive pallets to prevent the grass coming through. I don't want to spray any where near my hives so thought this maybe a solution. My concern is it may add extra heat to the hive .. Mind you in winter it would stop some of the damp coming through as well. Has anybody tried using them? Would appreciate your thoughts either way.
  11. Just interested in feedback on this. I joined the local Bee Club in Feb last year and then got my Bees in October. There is an AFB course in 2 weeks in Cambidge and the following month a 2 day Bee Course in South AK .. I don't want to put the horse before the cart but interested as to what course I should do first to get the most out of both of them. Suspect maybe the 2 day course first.?
  12. NZBF Paper Wasps

    Zapped this little Bas$&@d last night, only about 5 metres from my hive. Do the paper wasps cause the same sort of issues as the German wasps? Before the nest was zapped last night it had about 7 or 8 wasps trying to sleep!!
  13. Just scanning a few forum posts and noticed a few random comments by Beek's about Hives all lined up in a row .. In this particular photo it was done due to it being a silage paddock but Some Beeks have a more freestyle approach... Is there a preferred setup, ie what's best for the bees?
  14. I came across this Facebook page which I thought might be of interest for some.. Plant ID NZ .. Just post your photo and somebody will know..
  15. Hi, I bought my hive at the end of November, it consisted of 5 frames of brood. These were put into a FD box and over the next two weeks filled the FD box to 80% plus. At this point I put on a 3/4 ( I know .. In hindsight it should have been a FD ) anyhow I thought the little blighters would have made more brood in this 2nd box. I checked the hive last weekend and they were starting to draw out the frames, today the frames (8 of the 10) are fully drawn out and filling rapidly with honey. I'm concerned that the queen is going to fast run out of room. I'm more interested at this stage in having a strong hive and the honey is a bonus. I have a spare FD box so do I put this on in the middle and move a couple of frames of brood into this .. Or is this just complicating things... And confusing for the girls.