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  1. That's what I have done @Phil46, I included list of suppliers (where jars purchased) copy of Tutin test result.etc, photos of extractor in process of extraction . Happy to email you a copy of what I sent to council
  2. @BeeGirl the issue around giving away home kill had been around for a long time.. everybody just ignored it!!!
  3. It would still come down to your local Council I would think. Some of the things included in my inspection were, are services easily maintained/cleaned, is there facilities to wash your hands excluding the kitchen sink, are there any pets in the vacinity..
  4. TCC are certainly not doing you any favours @ChrisM .. firstly they don't have somebody that can complete a simple NP1 audit and then want to charge you every 2 years for what ??? You are right.. reading all this I have certainly got a great deal.
  5. Yes , I guess I was lucky in that our council have an Evironmental Food Safety Officer and she was able to do the inspection.. I didn't have to use her - Assure Quality was the other option. Considerably more expensive !
  6. @Pinnacle no link that I am aware of.. in the first instance I would contact your local council to see what they require. Also look online for the MPI Scope of Operations. I had to complete this and give it to Council.. looks like a scary document but quite simple as you only need the info pertaining to NP1
  7. @Phil46 i have the protocols I wrote up with me if you want to catch up
  8. @Rob Stockley I'm with Hauraki DC and it was their Environmental Food Safety Officer.
  9. Don't fret, I have already approached them!!
  10. I also had a fellow Beekeeper present and he is also able to extract his honey in my kitchen. I just use a 4 frame manual extractor. I'm currently at the Apiculture Conference in Rotorua and it was really disappointing to attend the session on Honey extraction and the presenter stated the only way to sell honey - even at your gate or farmers market was if you had a RMP. I think a lot of hobby beeks would have taken that comment as gospel.
  11. Wow really!! Council quoted me $160 an hour plus travel. It was their Environmental Food Safety Officer that came out. She inspected the process and then we went through what Protocols she wanted to see in writing. I took photos as we extracted the honey and then put it all together in a Manual. In the letter of confirmation they stated that they are not required to inspect again unless my process or number of hives change dramatically.
  12. I don't think the individual councils vary that much, but I guess local bylaws may impact on what can done.
  13. @tristan National Policy 1 is a really straight forward process and as a consumer I want to know that food I buy has been processed or extracted correctly.. this is no different. Yes I think all Councils will probably have a slight variation depending on local food regs.
  14. No @Rob Stockley i wasn't, I asked the Inspector from council if it was required as I was quite prepared to do it and she said it is not required
  15. You have 2 options , you either need a RMP or if it is to be sold in NZ only you can do it under the Food Act. The cost for this is $100 initially which gets lodged on your behalf via your local council (NP1- National Policy 1). You then need to get the Council to come and audit your extraction process (Home kitchen) or you can get Assure Quality to Audit the process. I opted to get the Council to do it as they had already started the process. I received my license about a month ago and can now legitimately sell my honey online, farmers markets etc. It cost a further $250 for this but I don't have to go through the process again unless something changes. The only other ongoing cost is $100 biannually to MPI.
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