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  1. You have a lovely evening.
  2. The hive that died were in my bench hive and never thrived since the day I put them in. This is the reason they were weak, not AFB. I hold my DECA and like to think I know what I am looking for when I inspect them. My other hive struggled wit
  3. @tristan Sorry have not understood what you have said here Thanks @M4tt Just about every frame is affected, so not sure how I will go about it. The top box I have taken the bad ones out and put new ones in. My brood box is a real problem. Only 2 frames of brood, so very weak.
  4. Interested to get other members ideas on how to get rid of wax moth. I have only got 1 weak hive left having lost my bench hive to wasps a few weeks ago. Today I went into my only hive to remove the varroa strips to discover a disaster!! In less than 2 weeks, the wax moth has just gone crazy and is destroying the comb and now I am terrified it will end up taking my last bees out!! I have read above about using Mite Away............ any other suggestions? This is a very weak hive, and so need a swarm to land at my place lol. Not a happy bee girl
  5. Also Health & Safety @yesbut need to be informed too. Could have been a possible near 'miss' takes.
  6. Thanks Trev, it is just my fingers going faster than my eyes lol. I won't trouble anyone, they are all busy and the errors are my fault.
  7. Just re read my post. Full of errors, and I can't edit and change them. Bad bad bad lol
  8. Hi there, I was just wondering what you do for wintering the bench hives........ just would like ideas as to what you do. Do you partition it off, or just leave it as is. Seems a large area to keep warm for them. Thanks. They filled about 30 frames this season with brood, stores and honey. I have not taken honey off this hive a wanted to leave heap for winter for them as it will be my first using this long hive. Thanks for this I sure love the ease of working with this hive!!!
  9. 8076


    This is what the nuc looked like when i had got as many bees in as I could this afternoon.
  10. 8076


    Another swarm settled in our hedge today, and I only have a white coroflute nuc box. I couldn't get them all in, and they have settled on the outside of it. I went and got an empty super box and jimmied it to cover with some timber as I have no spare bases or lids. I have just gone out and the bees have all gone out of the super and are all over and inside the nuc box. What can I do to coax them in something temp until I get more bases and lids? Will they be ok overnight? I Have put a temporary board over the top to give them a bit of shelter. It is a warm night, but am worried. I hope you understand my situation.... any advise be great please.
  11. I am wondering now whether the swarm I caught yesterday was in actual fact from one of my hives. Question time. 1. Do swarms get attracted by other bee hives and come looking? 2. The bees in the hive that is left behind, are there normally still heaps and heaps? The hive that I thought the swarm had left is still just buzzing and looking in, have a solid mass of bees on the frames. Just wondering........ looking forward to your answers
  12. I have also had my first swarm leave from my own hive this morning. Luckily I went out with them and kept vigil. They settled on our hedge across our paddock. They then swarmed all over the ground and maybe a foot up onto the hedge. The trickiest position ever as they were between our wire fence and the hedge!! I managed to get most into a super box and then there were heaps all over the outside of the box. I put the hive mat over the top of the box leaving about 1/2" and left them. I went back about 45 mins later, and they were mostly all inside on the frames. I put the mat on properly and the lid, so fingers crossed they stay here. This hive has just gone crazy. I have already taken 1 & 1/2 splits off it, but when I was doing the AFB check on Monday, I noticed swarm cells......... I thought the splitting and giving them heaps of room would have done the trick. My inexperience tripping me up once again. Hope though that I get this swarm to stay and I will have a good hive again x 2!!!
  13. We only have to get it tested if harvested after 1 Jan, and last year it was Feb we did our first small harvest, so did get it tested in Hamilton.
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