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  1. It is incredibly important that "these people" are on board with the program (that is, good and responsible beekeepers). It does not follow that they or anyone for that matter need to be onboard with APINZ.
  2. Balls @JohnF. Are you saying then that APINZ will not expend any part of the remaining 60%?? That is arrant nonsense and you know it. It is pure sematics John.
  3. However it will become compulsory should this vote go through won't it??????
  4. Cart before the horse I think. APINZ is a body with minmal support from the beekeepers of NZ. Should they have gained (worked for!) the support of the majority first, before attempting to compell, I may have had a bit more faith. There is far too much doubt in regard where APINZ will take the industry and deliver our money. There is no real 5-10 year plan (that is disclosed) other than ensuring their own survival by compulsion. APINZ need to go back to the beginning and show they are worthy of the investment they are demanding by way of representation of all beekeepe
  5. APINZ's professionalism has been brought into question by many. The very manner in which the levy (APINZ empowerment levy is what it should be called!) proposal has been structured and promoted is highly questionable. All the matters you mention are just fine and dandy, an ideal perhaps (without the corporate slave share beekeeping bit) but are what should have been sorted (amongst many things) well before the current levy (industry capture) proposal. It is naive beyond any reasonable belief to think that those in control in APINZ are not very aware of all of this. Simply becau
  6. At the end of the day APINZ is attempting to become the peak body by way of compulsion not choice or vote. Not the way it should be done at all.
  7. Well come on then @ApiNZ Levy Proposal whats the answer to the levy spend voting weighting???? This has been asked quite a few times without a full and honest answer from you.
  8. Coupled with APINZ's early claim of having over 50% of NZ hives in the bag with their 10% (give or take a little) of beekeeper membership it is plain that those will be a small group of high hive number concerns that will essentially control the industry through APINZ. Research area spending not the greatest concern excepting it would be interesting to see who the beneficiaries turn out to be! It begins to feel like we are intended to be contributing to a benevolent fund for researchers in case they founder without us. There being no clear plan and all. The weighting of levy spend vo
  9. Who was it who said (in another thread perhaps) that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result? Possibly one of your own people.......
  10. Not a matter of liking or disliking the article @ApiNZ Science & Research but that same old cloaking the levy matter in the emotive/manipulative "research" garment. The levy vote is vastly bigger than the research argument as I am sure you already know! The real question is do we the prospective victims want to have APINZ in a financial and political position this levy will place them in. In short: NO
  11. It is incredible to me that an entity with perhaps a membership of about 10% of all registeered beeks can launch a campaign such as APINZ has to try to compell contributions from those (the vast majority of people involved) who wish nothing to do with them. In terms of people it is most definitely the tail trying to shake the dog. Yes, I know, I have pretty much gone full circle in my posts now but this remains in my mind as an absurd situation. There is no doubt in my mind that the representation of beekeepers in NZ needs a restructure to create a body that truly represents a
  12. It is a very big debate! My concern centres about the fact we have a small group of large operators who will pretty much have complete control of the levy spend. The vast majority of levy payers in terms of numbers of people will end up with very little (none) say in the matter. We have the entity that is APINZ ( attempting to achieve a very strong financial and political position) and a group of large operators (with vested interest) attempting to achieve a position of control over the majority of other people who have hives. The potential for it all going wrong for the smaller oper
  13. 26 hives or more registered at 31st December 2018 seems to be their rule. Those in the know would have had time to make arrangements I suppose but it would seem to be too late to make registration changes now. It is not my place to post in answer to what are properly APINZ's responsibility but as they seemingly won't give sufficient responses I will post my opinion re the levy voting. I believe by way of the mixed information received that the levy spend vote is certainly a weighted vote in favour of those with large hive numbers. That is, the more levy you pay (by way of more hives/
  14. There surely are! I wonder if they are in damage limitation mode now? It does seem that where the facts may reinforce a justified negative view of their proposal that there is reticence to answer to the issues. The question on quite a few minds now is whether if the levy vote is passed there will be a legal challenge?
  15. Ok @Dennis Crowley I seem to have pushed your button! I think you have chosen to take my post in a way it has not been intended. If you read my post again it says "APINZ and it's cohorts personally benefitting". I don't think there is any doubt that APINZ as an organisation will benefit from the levy vote being passed. It will be like mana from heaven! As to the 'cohorts' ? Perhaps you could read existing large hive holding entities in APINZ and those who will benefit directly from the expenditure of the millions of dollars entailed. By that I do not mean the ordinary smaller be
  16. Awwww @Trevor Gillbanks I am disowned now !? Me the fella with the white hilux and you the fella who was there at the Manawatu bee club when I first put my bare hand in a swarm one sunny day. That was the start of something. A couple of nucs, some frames & boxes and here we are. Addicted, worn out and possibly poorer but as happy as I have been ?. Have no idea what the image is in @Mummzie's post as it won't open for me.
  17. I just don't feel a need to justify myself puss. However if it is of any help ( I have posted similar on a thread before), I have a small but growing enterprise operating in this industry. No intention to become large at any time. One thing I have discovered is that the "how many hives" question is considered impolite by quite a few beeks. Coming on so strong? Yes I am vehemently opposed to APINZ's current levy proposal. The playing field is/was heavily skewed from the outset. APINZ's own posts claiming a foregone conclusion due the large players (hive holdings) already in
  18. Well @JohnF the particular entity, APINZ, is not liked or particularly valued by quite a number of the bee keepers register who it may be are about to compelled by this same organisation. Those bee keepers are people John. It does seem that APINZ just does not like dissenters to their way. This alone does not encourage faith in them let alone the inequities that their proposal entails. I think you must ask yourself 'why' there is so much unhappiness with the proposals. It becomes more and more clear that the large hive holding existing base in APINZ will have control in voting s
  19. Each to their own I think but no I would not take their money, no challenge there.
  20. You would get to meet some nice people dressed in black with guns.................? It doesn't seem to tbe the NZ way does it. Always seems to be more sport to watch........ We are not a very militant lot and tend to have too much faith in our leadership for our own good.
  21. Why is this like trying to get water from a rock @ApiNZ Levy Proposal & @Dennis Crowley? All everyone wants is an honest and accurate answer! Does each individual levy payer get a vote on how the levy money is spent and if so on what basis? The lack of response does not do APINZ any credit.
  22. Come on front up! @Dennis Crowley& @ApiNZ Levy Proposal what is the situation regarding individual levy payers having a vote (or any kind of say) in how the levy monies are spent? We have been told endlessly that we the proposed victims of this scheme will have a vote on how the money is spent. Is that so? If so when/how on what basis???? This is becoming worse than the how many members does APINZ have saga! In the delay one can only imagine the scurrying and seeking of legal advice going on in the back ground. You want us to trust APINZ??????????????
  23. That's right! I am one who will not take their offer. If it ever came down to that. I sleep well thanks and would not if I took their coin.
  24. And the silence goes on.................................................
  25. The silence from those who know is deafening.................................
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