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  1. @ApiNZ Levy Proposala clear statement whether the vote is by way of weighted voting or a 1 person 1 vote method is what I am asking for. There are majorities and majorities depending on the intention of the writer.
  2. @ApiNZ Levy Proposal this explanation is more honest I think. When someone says a 'majority vote of levy payers' most expect it is a majority of registered beekeepers who qualify for the levy payment. This is patently not the case as you have explained.
  3. @ApiNZ Levy Proposal, I read the same rule statement. Please confirm that this is in fact what APINZ's rules say or explain?
  4. @ApiNZ Levy Proposal can you please state for the record is the quoted post attached correct or not?
  5. @ApiNZ Levy Proposal, it would appear APINZ's overall stance is that of hive numbers in the bag by way of those operators with large holdings of hives and the employment of weighted voting to skew the result. A majority vote of levy payers would mean the majority of the payers without any weighting would it not? Which is on offer please? Weighted voting or unweighted voting on any levy increase?
  6. Good stuff @Trevor Gillbanks! While I am not presently part of SNI I certainly share some of your viewpoint.
  7. @Bushy it will be a shame to have you missing from this thread. I feel your views have been astute and valuable.
  8. They have only been repeated so often because APINZ and supporters have not given adequate responses or quite often no response. oh...and regards further repeats of what in my opinion are inadequately answerred matters I am just catching my breath for a moment.
  9. He just doesn't seem to get it does he! Address the issues and can the personalised attacks is the message @Frederick. Bullying comes to mind............................. Vote NO
  10. Naive balderdash @Frederick? Perhaps that finger points both ways in this case. We will know in the future I expect. A no vote may or may not effect any change. However a yes vote will reinforce their position to an enormous extent. It is improbable that there is any way back from there for any of us. Take over from within will be an incredibly difficult task to achieve given the vested interest of some current participants. Oh...the new board? I understand it will simply be a slightly expanded one rather than a 'new board'? Do you see all the incumbents as giving up thei
  11. Now I'm a "Troll" per the APINZ supporters post. Others are called various other things by APINZ supporters. There really is only one view permitted isn't there! The view of APINZ and/or it's supporters or suffer personal attack and labelling from them. @Frederick I admire you for thinking you can achieve any change with this lot. The only responses I am looking for @JohnF are those that directly address the issues and questions raised. If the answers received so far are the best APINZ can muster than we are all deep in it, for the most part they are hollow, inadequa
  12. What we have currently is what we should deal with first in my opinion. We do not have a 're-tweaked APINZ and achieving that would be a battle if the levy proposal goes through. First things first. If APINZ were to be re modelled (quite considerably) prior to a levy vote I am sure it would be a positive for us all. Meanwhile we are faced with an organisation that is unsatisfactory to many and insists on pressing on for the good of that organisation and it's small percentage of followers. There is only one effective way currently to express dissatisfaction and that is the N
  13. I would far rather that APINZ and it's supporters address the issues and questions raised in an honest and forthright manner @JohnF. It seems you don't have the answers that matter to so many and quite frankly appear to rely on being a smart mouth (AliNZ?) which in my opinion only brings further discredit upon APINZ and of course yourself. Anything to distract from the real issues I feel. I am not the one attempting to gain the power over the beekeepers of NZ or to take their money. There has been an absolute dearth of proper response from those who should no better.
  14. I would quite happily if in fact they were there. The current situation in one which no right minded business person would entertain for a second. Pay your money and take all the risk is what is proposed in my view. The lack of extensive detailed and disclosed planning, intention and budgetting in some form of binding obligation presents an arena where no right minded person should go unless they are prepared to risk all. I know of a package of shares (bought on the high) now worth about a third of the buy price, that company also has an uncertain future. To buy them now w
  15. Well @Ted, I guess I consider I have been vocal (and will most probably continue to be so) and at least 1 other has questioned my elligibility to vote. It is par for the course with what the disparaging type comment I have already alluded to in previous posts.
  16. Only it is a 'hope we can' type utterance. I'm not knocking your outlook in regard this hope but seriously question whether it can ever be brought to fruition. If APINZ is given the power and the money by way of this levy vote we are in a serious risk position frankly without any mitigations currently in place to undo what is done. Scaremongering? Monotonous? Ludicrous? There you go again. Disparaging, belittling, attempting to humiliate? Much better to address the issues really without descending to this stuff @Frederick, it simply reinforces what I have said in another recent
  17. Thank the powers that be that APINZ does not have control of this website and forum! It is plain to me that the only voice or opinion that they (and their followers) will allow is their own and if another dares voice anything contrary they have to be heartily disparaged, referred to as doomdayers etc etc etc. APINZ have managed to do themselves quite a bit of reputational damage. The lack of disclosed binding detailed planning and intention does further damage.
  18. You are entitled to your opinion @Frederick however so are all others includinng myself. There is a very real and very large compromise involved for the majority of the people who beekeep in NZ. The vast majority of the people in NZ who have hives have not and do not want APINZ at the helm, in control of our businesses essentially and also do not wish to fund APINZ. A yes vote is a major compromise for this majority of people. We are people in business being led to fund a very vague scheme managed by an entity we don't want. We plan our business activities very careful
  19. However, this is in the realms of a pipe dream presently. If what you describe was the current situation (horse before the cart as it should be) we may already have a unified industry. APINZ have ensured this is not the case currently. Past performance......etc
  20. @Frederick, very early in the forum posts by APINZ representatives, when considerable arrogance was demonstrated by the same, it was loudly claimed that APINZ already had more than 50% of all hives in the bag. The number of individual members of APINZ was very difficult to ascertain as APINZ was extremely reluctant to tell. However it was declared at around the 6-700 mark. Since then it has very difficult to elicit straight answers from APINZ in any areas important to many. APINZ needs more than a re-tweak!!
  21. Oh @JohnF! Read my posts as you may. No, that is not what I wrote. However those things have come to pass (and much more) yet I have seen little constructive from APINZ in that same period. Past performance......etc
  22. What re-tweaked APINZ @Frederick? Do you speak for the current Board? CEO? The existing very large hive holding members or is this simply your dream? Your ideal perhaps? There is nothing really offered by APINZ in the way of a re-tweaking is there? 1 more commercial beekeeper seat perhaps is all I have seen offered
  23. Yes I believe we may have a different APINZ. Whether or not that will be a good thing for the majority of the NZ beekeepers is where the doubt lies. Given there is no clear and detailed plan disclosed by APINZ leaves us all at risk and APINZ with a free hand. Give us your money and we promise to .........what???? Nothing really except fund some researchers ( and some peripheral 'education'who go un named to date for what?? Nothing conclusive or binding on APINZ there either........ Heavens above...even a ponzi scheme offers some sort of result for the contributors (and doesn't
  24. That is the wishes of those with very large numbers of hives, large honey crops and the weighted voting ( 1 vote for each 1 dollar of levy paid). The big few.
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