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  1. Thank you M4tt! If I can't get the opportunity locally I may have to try all regions perhaps but will have patience for now. My thinking is that if I find I do fit the role I will at the least do the Telford Correspondence course and AFB certification. I will be surprised if there is not a niche in this industry that I can fit to, be it breeding or other.
  2. I didn't mention that I am not seeking remuneration/payment of any kind simply a good heads up on practical aspects of the business and can be available for most of the summer months on that basis. I make a mean Banana cake if that helps!
  3. Hello everyone! I am seeking an opportunity to have an introductory experience to commercial bee keeping. I am interested from the point of view of whether or not to pursue this field as a career/employment option. From the outside it catches my interest but I feel I need to see the business in action so to speak before I go any further. I am a 22 year old female with no bee experience (or knowledge) of any kind. I am currently living in Wanganui having completed an Evironmental Science/Plant biology degree at Victoria and am looking for a career in a field that holds interest for me.
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