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  1. Build a hot box? Hive box with a light bulb running in the bottom, stack on more boxes to sit containers in. Insulation all round helps of course as does patience. No mess though.
  2. I have more seemingly dwindled hives (and I think more large population hives also) than previous seasons and wonder right now if the dwindlers are a result of late season swarming?
  3. Real life does though in the world of micro climates, valley to valley and or I think grids at 50-100 k would show considerable differences. Otaki today pouring down, home just the tiniest spit. Lots of light showery days but few significant day after day of solid rain. Frankly July was plain scary. If that is a sign of things to come we will need to adapt quite quickly me thinks.
  4. Just thinking......possibly the quantity of honey is not going to matter so much this year so the old focus on quality not quantity? Quality of hives in particular as opposed to quantity I tend to think. In regard the quantity of honey it will probably pay dividends.
  5. It seems to have been a symptom of last season's climate I suspect @john berry. A very long hot summer, not much late summer/early Autumn nectar. This July and what may be to come (??) seems to have created some irregularities all round. Daffs are all up, some fruit tree bud at burst point etc etc. Quite a few hives at unusually large population numbers, others not so with stores just gone. I plan to kick off a bit early this year with swarm prevention for quite a number, feed for the hungry, strips for all and a hope for an earlier crop spring and early summer followed by what?
  6. No doubt some mug will try!
  7. A darn shame @Hayden, it can happen to anyone no matter how hard you try. You did very well spotting the problem and following up in the way you have done. Do you have other hives?
  8. I guess it would be a matter of scale and design in regard the throughput. Do you know how the mobile unit dealt with waste water and other discharge @cBank?
  9. I think you correct in this @Alastair, it has been a drawn out event with big changes within the industry and now considerable repercussions for many. The current aftermath event/period we are now in amongst seems to be presumed by many to entail a drastic reduction in hive numbers. I seriously believe this will not be the case. While some will choose to leave the business I believe the large and largest will continue and fill the gaps with vigour thus perpetuating the overstocking (in some areas) we have now. There are issues that need to be addressed to push back against the
  10. I think it is the nature of many people to want to become bigger/better, make more and more money etc. It is not just a few in my opinion @Christi An in this industry, it is quite a few that act without regard (or in ignorance) to all others. We all have a vested interest including myself of course and that of course colours our view and actions. I have said it elsewhere on the forum and will repeat it here. I think a code of practice with penalties for non compliance is required. Licensing (a revokeable license) is the thought that dominates my thinking currently. There could be a b
  11. Quota is a disaster proposal in my opinion, to be avoided utterly and completely. I think I have said this in one way or the other already. A code of practice with penalties for non compliance is probably called for to bring sense to the industry. There certainly needs to be a sort out. Alternatives need to be explored to achieve a workable platform that encourages the industry without creating a repeat of past mistakes.
  12. The wild west is far preferable to any quota arrangements. The well established beekeeper may possibly benefit (most probably) by receiving high value tradeable quota which will very rapidly become a very high cost commodity. If a small operator wants to expand he/she will have to buy additional quota that will be beyond the capacity of the ordinary beek. Worse still they will most probably have to lease that quota from an already incredibly wealthy quota holder. It is nothing but a thinly disguised get richer scheme for the already established larger operator. It is no won
  13. My summation is negative to the extreme. Take a look at the Crayfish industry? A few multi millionaires and very few others with even a look in. For those who would directly benefit I can easily see the attraction! The rest of us can just fade away, go broke etc................. The few selling out the birthright of many for selfish gain?
  14. That's a perspective that is interesting and perhaps where beekeeping is returning at least in part, pollination as a primary role rather than nectar gathering (excepting of course the Manuka gatherers). I noticed the big C intending to chase pollination with more intent also. A return to the roots perhaps. With hive numbers as high as they are I think it may become quite competitive. "The war" may become a bit like the Russian front of old if everyone continues the same old way. Lots of casualties. Or are we already there? I suspect not. The next season or three will tell of cour
  15. @Shem, you may have missed something! The above as quoted is exactly the reality of the now! Not solely corporates, there are also the larger (very in some instances) operators/partnerships that are well entrenched in pillaging most all districts.
  16. I think you are right @CraBee. While neighbour dobbing in neighbour is a sad scenario I think when someone comes along and places hives next to your own ( say within?? 8 - 9 hundred metres? More?? Ideally a lot more) there needs to be some redress available. If the perpetrator was subject to license loss I would think the hives would move pretty quickly. I firmly believe that dump site practices equally call for some redress to existing apiary operators.
  17. Yup I know! However if NZ beekeepers don't get it together then the quota lobby folk will most probably have their way over everyone else. There is enormous vested interest in achieving a quota system if they can. Either directly or by a default means. While that would be wonderful I don't know how that could become a reality. I think all would have right to be licensed as such at least initially. Non compliance with any code requirements on an ongoing basis should sort out the outlaws ( if in fact it could be policed/compliance checked). It is easy to target ones opposition
  18. Probably. There may be alternative ways to do this I think. If we were not all trying to out do each other (and no one wins in the end) I think it could be done once established. There would be margins of cheating for certain but if the larger issues were agreed (terms of the license) there would be a lot to lose if caught out. As for the outriders who have no urge to be licensed, perhaps they may find it hard to purchase gear and harder to sell honey, nucs, Queens etc? No license no buy and no sell. Setting de licensing would be also contentious but it is time we all got real.
  19. It is high time for responsibility to be taken for the beekeeping industry by all involved. I am totally opposed to any quota/rights type system, however do feel strongly that the current practices are bordering on predatory (dog eat dog) and not to the advantage of most or perhaps any in the end. To float the conversation: "what if" beekeepers were licensed to operate hives (yes I know our hives are (registered) already). No license, no bees, no hives. Operate within a code of practice or don't operate at all. What would that code include? Control of AFB
  20. I could not disagree more with the above. It would be a sad day indeed if any proposal such as this was ever to come to fruition. The fishing industry model is a national disgrace in my view. Our fish stocks sit at around 10% of what they were only 100 years back. There is a case for considerable change from this model that is in the interest of all New Zealanders rather than a corporate few. I would suggest @CraBee that your enterprise would probably not survive any more than 95% of other relatively small operators would. The big C and a few others would be laughing all the way to t
  21. The best message to take to the council would be that it appears they have been influenced (wrongly) by those who have vested interest. Capture of the state ( the council in this instance) by elite private interest. No regulation is currently required or desired. The whole matter is the business of the industry not the council. I don't think there is any doubt the council is the victim of lobbying by vested interests and needs to step back from this issue before they are made fools of by those who are lobbying.
  22. @Dennis Crowley, I would remain of the opinion it is the growers risk completely. If they want an exclusion zone there must be compensation payed. That said, I don't believe that is a desirable outcome either. Rather the grower should be an informed person who knowingly takes on a risk and must manage it themselves at their own cost. Not the cost of others. The same would apply if I were to take a wholly organic approach to my beekeeping. I can not insist my neighbours do the same to protect my investment. It would be solely my risk and cost. Bee keepers in general are not beholden t
  23. It's an interesting subject. A bit like some one building their grand home on a site and then demanding that no one else does nearby. What is the Councils interest in this matter?? One would hope the Manuka investor/grower is paying all the costs the council will incur, meetings etc etc. The grower surely could not have been blind to the risks from the outset. To plant and then seek sanctions perhaps to protect their private (but large) investment risk is an odd way to do business. Perhaps they intend offering compensation to other beekeepers in exchange for agreement to keep th
  24. I wonder how many will be from starvation? It has been a fickle past season with often erratic nectar flow, early Queen shutdowns and quite a bit of early consumption of stores. The Autumn feed em and leave em brigade may be in for more losses then the past few seasons.
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