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  1. Ali


    @Alastair Christmas greetings! Recalibrate if the temperature is more than 5 degrees different than when calibration was last done. 6. Alternative calibration: Olive oil is defined by UN FAO to have refractive index of 1.4677 to 1.4705. That equals 71 to 72 degrees Brix. You could also calibrate using olive oil to 71.5 and be close. Make sure you are using fresh oil. The above from here: https://www.betterbee.com/images/Manual_Refractometer_Instructions1.pdf probably the best source for this I have found!
  2. Ali

    Honey Price Collapse

    https://www.buzztech.nz/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Healthy-Bees-Brochure this stuff???
  3. Ali

    AP 14

    I simply put the word "Private" in the box with the info. It's worked so far!
  4. Ali

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Can you tell us (that don't know) what this industry trust fund is?
  5. Ali

    Myrtle rust spreads by bees.

    I expect they are made available to concessionaires and considered a bit sensitive.
  6. Manuka seedlings 4 - 6 years to substantive nectar quantities if they make it.......maybe ok if there is already large areas of standing mature Manuka to provide nectar earlier in the operation but who is going to sell that at the moment? It is a venture capital undertaking in my view.
  7. Ali

    Myrtle rust spreads by bees.

    Anybody have a link to the map showing restricted areas?
  8. Did you move the split to another site or leave it in the home hive site? Did you feed them? Were all frames put in the split covered with bees?
  9. No no no no Tom! Tut tut and all of that. Last poster to use the scream n shout managed to cause reputational damage to a concern that doesn't need more of that. On topic, how trustworthy is your source? Do Monsanto publicly acknowledge what they are reported to be doing with the bees? The trialling in NZ I would love to see confirmation of particularly. All that said, good on you for raising the issue here political or non political it does have to do with bees and their/our well being.
  10. Ali

    October 2018 Apiary Diary

    What sort of vehicle present @Fitzie? There are a couple of late model utes that have caused fire probs in the past season. Catalytic converters getting too hot I think.
  11. Ali

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    No John I am not suggesting you are arrogant at all. I do refer to some prior posts with an APINZ logo back when this matter was in it's earlier days here. Those posts sadly left a poor impression of whoever was the author and APINZ accordingly. I guess we all await version 2 with interest.
  12. Ali

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    Thanks John but no thanks. As Mr Crowley has posted there are reasons why the research is currently undefined. It is not a matter of don't like APINZ and don't want to be a member, that is childish in my opinion. I am however very unhappy with how APINZ has launched and progressed the levy matter from the outset. A self proclaimed lead body that has in my opinion shown itself to be inept and conclusively out of touch with the majority of the members of the beekeepers register. I would go as far as to suggest it has little or no interest in the majority of the members of the beekeepers register by it's performance so far. Yet, it attempts to take money from their hands by way of compulsion. Being responded to in the fashion you have chosen amongst other somewhat arrogant and careless replies by some representing APINZ on this forum (remember the incessant requests for APINZ membership numbers?) does you or APINZ no credit.
  13. Ali

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    Mr Crowley, I can only assume you are having a bad day. Throughout this messy business I have had the clear understanding that 40% about would be offered up for currently undefined research. If this is not the case please let us know what the percentage is? I would be grateful if you ceased to imply that I lie. I do not. Nor did I state or imply the APINZ would "keep" the other 60% for themselves. I used the word consume. Which can be construed as utilise perhaps. Treating any of APINZ's probably to be compelled contributors with disdain is unhelpful to say the least.
  14. Ali

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    Welcome @GoEDto the great unwashed majority of the beekeepers register that doesn't belong to APINZ and are largely unhappy with them. I think they advised a membership of about 15% of beekeepers a while back and stated that encompassed around 50% of NZ's hive count. The larger operators by my thinking. The vote on the levy business was proposed to go to a group of honey producers as prescribed by APINZ. They would become the levy payers and by compulsion the funders of APINZ which would consume about 60% of the levy monies while offering up the remainder to undefined research. Initially put in like it or lump it terms which they may or may not now revise.
  15. Ali

    AP2 mandatory inspection

    Agreed in part @Philbee regarding the economics. It is not a short term problem nationally. However I have to applaud all and any who will get behind 'local' clean ups and do their bit. It is not just the town hives that are the problem however. Last season I watched a large operator feeding boxes and frames into the fire drum for several days and at harvest saw the remains of an above ground burn by the biggest NZ operator neighbouring a site of mine. I am close to both in locality and there were zero notifications! I would much rather fund AFB than any other body e.g. APINZ. Priorities?