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  1. I didn't realise that @john berry. I wonder if Almond oil would be effective? What about the liquid smoke type product? I haven't used it so far.
  2. "Beequick" is at least partly Almond extract which I think would be worth a try. Not that unpleasant and I would think it would only need to be a smear or two on exposed skin.
  3. Just to the right of the pupal tongue cell is a vague image (in the bottom of the next cell) of a creepy ferret face smirking up at us all! Must be the light huh or the time of night perhaps.....
  4. Good scheme! My dawg is large...$ per kilo boned out, bagged and frozen? 😊
  5. Got to agree, a very good pic of the nasty stuff. Would make a great training resource @Stoney.
  6. Said he as he dined on beans.......again....rice might be a nice change? Get used to the Chinese way?
  7. If it's any consolation at all, the last lot here caught with the goodies (away off the rightful property) were a sorry lot after they were dealt to during the recovery. They became aggressive and found their match well and truly. There has not been a prosecution of the recovery team.
  8. Not much left really after the last 15 years of selling out to anyone who will bring money to our shores. We (as a people) begin to reap the benefits now don't we..........oh your not in that top 15%? Less acidly, it works well for some but all too often it doesn't pan out well. Access to markets and possibly finance at times are all well and good if there are profits coming back to the grass roots. Not currently it seems. The big C has taken another well deserved dip (how much did the director shareholders pay themselves out??) but it is not only them of course, share markets here and mostly all are continuing to tumble.
  9. Too smart for there own good I reckon. All in the name of big takes at the top end at the expense of basic producers (sounds similar to the honey industry?) and the avoidance of paying tax by extraordinary accounting when it suits. Disclosed profit way down, share prices (and dividends next) down, tax paid way down, executive class earnings still way way up......and climbing? The club at the top doing just great and beggar the rest.....
  10. Discounting the two nasty Nosema's till it's a proven I still think a lot of losses will be of seasonal influence. Fierce hot and late summer, probably more robbing than usual due lack of flow (at times) and it's effect on Queens/mating. Something I have often wondered about: our sugar for syrup is Australian in origin I think. Are there any influences there? I know little about growing cane sugar. Are there chemicals used in the growing or processing that we should be aware of?
  11. Well, the big C is a big bit Chinese owned.....look at them now..... Fonterra (Fon Terror?)....Chinese deals....look them now........ China hitting production lows...massive unemployment....civil unrest..... Me thinks we should be careful what we wish for.
  12. With the world economy looking increasingly shaky (NZ too), a lack of "growth" all round, it will be an interesting season!
  13. Queens, bees, brood, stores.......and I have heard even Varroa strips!
  14. What were the symptoms of Cororapa? Sounds similar but I am unsure. The two Nosema's?
  15. Then of course and correct me if I am wrong....it is local market (NZ) not export so it does not have to conform to any Manuka standard, MPI or whoever other than able to be proven if challenged on false labelling.
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