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  1. Taranaki/Wanganui? Far to many from out of town/region and then there is the big C stuffing it for everyone on top of it all. I see another clown has just put another couple of hundred on the Wanganui city boundary. Save us!
  2. Heck @Philbee with 100% over factory boost is there a chance the rainy Saturday job might be replacing the head/gasket in short time? Most of the earlier Prado's were prone to head cracking before 200,000k were they not?
  3. That would make an interesting list!
  4. The big C living up to their name.
  5. It is beginning to have that look about it!
  6. @Josh, I can remember Turkeys in gummies...now that's a fair way back!
  7. It's going to be interesting for sure and the only certainty will be sharp price increases with no doubt increased takes by those retailing it to us if the usual percentages are just simply carried over to the increases as usual. The taxes need to be capped at their present level and the retail margin nailed also or we are all in for a double hiding. I won't hold my breath! I didn't realise how little our news services were telling us about Yemen and the war going on there right now. Interesting how we really have been kept in the dark here.
  8. $21 x 8hrs= $168 x 5days = $840 x 50wks = $42000 Not too foul for the first season......
  9. @chipsandwich, it's a really tricky question! If you are a single bloke, accommodation and a feed comes with the job maybe? The vehicle and gear belongs to the business? Full use of a vehicle too. If the above is the picture 20's would be selling yourself short I reckon. If the business can stand it a salary of 34-38 first season (based on 12 months, off months not paid)would be a 'family deal' and just work your heart out in fairness to the family, no over time, no extra's, just hard work. Do it like it is all your own. You could do a lot better somewhere else but it wouldn't be family with all that may come with that. I would think that it would need a major review for the next season if it all goes well. I don't think many here would work for that even but if the lifestyle suits and you don't really need the money for partner/kids/mortgage...why not?
  10. I wonder if you stepped on a dead bee? I have heard of that before. I think you have had a bad reaction but it does seem it stopped short of requiring Adrenalin to save you. Certainly talk to your Doc an see what comes of it. An Epipen sounds a must or perhaps your Doc can fix you up with some Adrenalin and a syringe if your up for that. Don't know if I would cope with a syringe! A short needle would help but having to fill it while going down hill is a worry.
  11. I guess we have to remember that this is local (NZ) sales and not export. Thus not having to comply with MPI Manuka standards for export. However, UMF 3 is stretching things quite a bit I reckon.
  12. In a Nursery @Bighands or at large? Haven't heard much recently about the rust, it seems to have dropped out of sight locally. Do we know for sure it will hit the Rata?
  13. So @Russ, what is going on do you think? Is it all just natural planetary change, cycle, pattern or what? I sit fairly in the middle opinion wise but consider mankind the great planet destroyers in all.
  14. Any mention of Nosema @jamesc? Don't know if MPI would have covered them or not? Not considered exotic?
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