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  1. I think the package bee industry has this one pretty sorted already?
  2. The beauty of it all lies in that the good Australian folk, oh yes hand in hand with some big Kiwi operators are simply doing what NZ was doing prior to the MPI standard. i.e. shooting themselves in the feet (yes feet, plural). NZ has the biggest and best golden opportunity in our lap to maintain a genuine item, grown, processed, packed and marketed from NZ, sold at a premium price. The one and only genuine NZ Manuka honey. The ugly is in the producer not getting a fair slice of the cake here at the present and I suspect if we don't wake up to this then it will indeed continue to the advantage of the marketer/exporter.
  3. Your so right @Bighands that is exactly what is done in a big way. Pacific Island/Melanesian men for the picking and then the women folk for the pruning etc, not just Avo. I know two couples in the north who make a great living helping to manage the crews, make sure they get to work and back each day etc etc, a bit better than slavery but has it's similarities. From what I saw part of the art is making sure certain culture groups don't mix it up with other cultures as it can lead to real trouble. Seasonal labour but it gives an opportunity for the folk who come here to take something home with them that is far more than they would have staying home.
  4. If only they knew huh? That "prestige and trust" does not follow through to a lot of NZ beeks or I suspect shareholders these days!
  5. The above accepted, I wonder what price(s) the beeks have been getting for their honey over the ditch?
  6. In regard Queen supersedure of Oxalic acid treated hives, I wonder if this is due to Tarsal pad damage (of the Q) resulting in reduced footprint pheromone?
  7. I had one small batch a couple of seasons back, I haven't bought any more. I think my summation was " good pets perhaps but they have failed to do anything really". They simply languished, managed small quiet, non productive little hives next to own bred 'dogs' that flourished and produced a great crop.
  8. Dave, just in case, are you up on Varroa control? Nothing to do with your current matters but I just wouldn't like you to miss treating everything, swarms and all.
  9. Taranaki/Wanganui? Far to many from out of town/region and then there is the big C stuffing it for everyone on top of it all. I see another clown has just put another couple of hundred on the Wanganui city boundary. Save us!
  10. Heck @Philbee with 100% over factory boost is there a chance the rainy Saturday job might be replacing the head/gasket in short time? Most of the earlier Prado's were prone to head cracking before 200,000k were they not?
  11. That would make an interesting list!
  12. The big C living up to their name.
  13. It is beginning to have that look about it!
  14. @Josh, I can remember Turkeys in gummies...now that's a fair way back!
  15. It's going to be interesting for sure and the only certainty will be sharp price increases with no doubt increased takes by those retailing it to us if the usual percentages are just simply carried over to the increases as usual. The taxes need to be capped at their present level and the retail margin nailed also or we are all in for a double hiding. I won't hold my breath! I didn't realise how little our news services were telling us about Yemen and the war going on there right now. Interesting how we really have been kept in the dark here.
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