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  1. https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/96634012/myrtle-rust-infestation-has-spread-to-otorohanga
  2. First set of new drones hatched in the strongest hives. Most other ones have capped drone brood. A bit too early than previous years. They are going through the stores pretty fast. Hopefully there will be an early flow of something soon.
  3. Ok. I had other 4 hives that year. 2 were Italian queens bought from breeders and the other 2 were from swarms which were caught in Hamilton area. The Italian ones gave me 117 and 142 kgs each. Did not get exact measures of the other swarm hives but they averaged around 130 kgs. This was an exceptional year and not many hives around at all. The hive which had very yellow italian bees did produce 117 kgs. The other Italian hive which gave 142 kgs were not that bright yellow as the other one though. They looked a bit more brownish yellow. The swarm caught bees were hybri
  4. The first Carniolan queen I got from @David Yanke was about 10 years back. She was not very big but she produced an excellent brood pattern and headed a big hive. That hive out produced my other hives which were Italian at that time. All my hives were kept close to town (Hamilton) then. This particular hive produced 176kg of honey that year which I was very impressed with. I don't get that much honey from any of my hives now though.
  5. No. I am happy with the number of hives I have now. Don't want to expand anymore. Its not that easy to go out on your own with the amount of hives around and the unpredictability in the seasons we are having. I prefer to stay as a hobbyist.
  6. This is a queen from 2015-2016 season. Still have her. Keeping her in a nuc to make her last a bit longer.
  7. Depending on the season and all. Sometimes it gets a bit hard. I like to keep a good eye on everything going on with all my hives and try to maintain high standards with my hives. So it can be a bit time consuming.
  8. I run around 40-50 hives. Cannot manage more than that with a full time job.
  9. http://www.theabk.com.au/articles/2016/7/28/beekeeping-in-the-kingdom-of-tonga-on-the-island-of-vavau http://apscience.org.au/projects/APSF_15_2/apsf_15_2.html seems like bees introduced to the tropical islands are surviving with varroa.
  10. I don't think there will be any AMM genetics coming through because they are part of a closed mating program run by David. But you never know, There may be some AMM genetics in it. The bees are calm and easy to work with though.
  11. Comparing Carniolans to AMM is like comparing Italians to African bees. Just because both Carniolans and AMM are black doesn't make them similar in behaviour just like Italians and African bees. Both are yellow but both have different behaviours. I know now everyone has their own opinion but from what I have seen with the hybrids of Italian/Carniolan, they are a good bees and most crosses are fine to work with. Might get the occasional ones which are a bit aggressive but that can happen even with purebreds. I haven't heard about anyone being chased around by bees like when w
  12. The queen came with the number disk from daykel queens which is run by David yanke.
  13. One of @David Yanke queens I got last year. Did graft a few queens of her last year. Will graft a few more queens of her this season. The hive has started building up nicely with a good brood pattern and bringing in lots of pollen.
  14. I have a line of bees which started as a swarm caught around 10 years back. They have always been open mated in Hamilton area. They started as predominantly yellow bees but over the years they have produced queens and bees which range from yellow to black. This line has not shown any excessive aggressive behaviour. I usually graft around 15-20 queens of them every year. One or two of them might produce a little bit aggressive bees but nothing which cannot be managed with a bit of smoke. All the other ones can be worked with minimal protective equipment. They have been good producers.
  15. That is not entirely true. I have some Italian/Carniolan cross bees which are as gentle as any other bees around. I will not say all the crosses are very gentle but some are.
  16. What we had before carniolans were brought in was Italians and AMM where we had a stable hybrid which were predominantly yellow in color but were a cross of good qualities of both AMM and Italian. We have to look at doing the same with carniolan also where we look at adding the good qualities of carniolan also into our existing hybrid and stabilising them. No matter what we called our bees we had before, they were hybrids. Just because we liked them does not make them a specific race. They were just bees bred by us to suite our needs and removed all the characteristics which
  17. Can you expand more on this as to what was the experiment for and the outcome and what happened to the bees after that please.
  18. Looks like Apis Florea also known as Dwarf Honey Bee. The plant looks like coral vine.
  19. Why not use something like that to bring in some proven VSH semen or even survivor stock. Maybe even buckfast genetics can be brought in to improve our bee stock.
  20. Nice day for bees.
  21. All I want is bees which can live without treatment for varroa, and all the other good qualities our bees have at the moment. I don't care if we develop it in nz or if we get it form overseas.
  22. Wonder why this was not offered to other breeders. And the way I see it there will be people for and against everything you do. You cannot please everyone every time.
  23. We have most known bee viruses already here in nz. We in nz so worried trying to stop all the bad things such as diseases and pests getting into nz, but some how we end up every nasty stuff in the world but still not allowed to bring the cures such as VSH bees etc. May be we need to look at ways to get our bee stock improved without getting any pests or diseases with it. With the technology we have now a days we should be able to import needed genetics for our bees.
  24. Products Carniolan breeder queens and new hybrid being introduced this coming season.
  25. Do we have this plant in nz?
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