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  1. I had a bee from another hive doing the same thing and another bee groomed the one with varroa on and helped get rid of it. Could not get a video that time. Was too late getting the phone. This time I was hoping it happens again but no helpers this time.
  2. Prefer to do most of my queen rearing in late spring/early summer, one week after the treatments have come out. That way there are enough drones and lots of stores coming at that time and the lowest amount of varroa. I believe the hive is at its most healthiest state at that time and that helps with the development of the queens. And hopefully the weather plays it’s part for good mating.
  3. Has anyone noticed that some hives tents to forage late in the evening until it’s almost impossible to see where others have stopped way earlier? I have noticed that some hives keep sending foragers out when others have already stopped for the day and these hives do it regularly. They dont seem to have any other particular differences from the other hives other than this. Maybe collecting a bit of extra nectar. Not specific to any breed also. Some hives from both Italian and Carniolan lines are doing it. Does anyone know why only some do it and
  4. There used to be lots of pollen and nectar in towns, but with the number of hives around now a days it’s hard to get half the crop what you used to get. I still keep a few hives in town ( the ones I use as breeders) and a few nucs. At least they won’t starve in town even though they may not be making a big crop as they used to.
  5. Was talking to a friend of mine today and he just bought a new house close to the hospital in Hamilton. He told me that a couple of guys from a beekeeping company ( I don’t want to name it) came around and asked if they could place 35 hives around the back yard. The section is only 800 square meters in the middle of town with houses all around. Well he said no but guess someone would have said yes. I dont if if they are asking all around Hamilton or just around the hospital area.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/australian-honey-producers-claim-mānuka-may-not-be-māori/ar-AAuAbqm?li=BBqdk7Q
  7. http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/money/2018/01/aussie-beekeepers-claim-proof-m-nuka-honey-is-theirs.amp.html
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1470390959 saw this on trade me
  9. Couple of years ago I got a Italian queen for bettabees from their open mated ones. All her bees were yellow but she used to produce some pitch black drones. Drones coming from just the queen, it had nothing to do with what she had mated with. Not many but like around 10 in a 100. All the others were good yellow drones. There were no intermediate ones. So I thought that could be either a mutation or some mixing of genes in a very low level. I had posted about it in the forum before I think.
  10. So they have some carniolan mix in their closed mating Italian program then.
  11. The one in the video came from a bettabee breeder.
  12. Italian queen returns from mating flight
  13. Queen coming back from mating flight. Queen is from a good Italian line
  14. Welcome to summer I guess http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11937705
  15. Lots of drones with the old queen. Will be grafting from her this week.
  16. I don't mind getting stung on hands or legs but I hate getting stung on the eye lids. There is always that one bee which might think it's a good idea to sting, no matter how calm the hive looks. And they usually go for the face first. I always wear a half suit, no gloves and shorts are fine. I still get a bit of swelling after all these years. I don't think the level of swelling has gone up or down through out the years though.
  17. Added supers to some hives today to give them room. Mostly middle supers with drawn comb. Hopefully this will stop them thinking about swarming. This hive at home is 5 boxes high now. One jumbo, one full depth and three 3/4 size boxes on it. All full of bees.
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