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  1. Caricell is booked in till end of October. Do we have different stocks of Italians in New Zealand? I am looking for diffrerent stocks. Southern Sun Apiaries in foxton supplies Italians, but they are hybrids with the European dark bees and are a bit testy than the ones from Caricell. Any suppliers of Italian queens from South Island? Arataki honey (Rotorua) also supplies carniolan queens(Breeding material came from daykel, so same stock)
  2. Landing boards are essential part of the hive. Especially in the spring and summer. In the nature the bees dont usually have hive entrances very close to the ground. So the bees wont crash land to the ground when they return with heavy loads of nectar. But we keep the hives close to ground with entrances close to the ground. This means the bees dont have that distance from the ground to land on smoothly without crashing. A landing board helps with this. Its also good to have the Bottom board and landing board in an angle so that all the waste will fall out smothly and rain water wont go
  3. I have tried them also. David only breeds Carniolans now. I get my carniolan queens from him. He produces some great queens. Never had any problems with any of his queens. Great brood pattern and gentle bees. If anyone needs some good gentle carniolans, I would recommend Daykel Apiaries. He knows what he is doing. He also uses a large number of selected breeder queens from his operation every year to increase the gene pool of the queens he produce. Good customer service too.
  4. I used to work with Mark Goodwin and Michelle Taylor the past few years. I worked in the VSH project as the apiary manager at ruakura. He did give me a few sources, but they all have replaced the bees to Italians and Carniolans. Some still have a few hybrids of AMM but they are still largely Italian type(70 percent italians and around 30 percent AMM). It would be hard to bring back the original AMM back from those and they seem to be a bit testy too. One place he suggested is the far south of the south island. But I am not able to get in touch with any beekeepers down there. Not many beekeepin
  5. I did contact them. They dont have any sources of them.
  6. I tried both names. even contacted most of the beekeeping clubs and associations around, but no one has them.
  7. Yes Apis Mellifera Mellifera. They are great bees if looked after properly and has a lot of good characters and a few bad characters too.
  8. Has anyone got some pure or near pure european dark bees with them in NZ? I have been trying to get them but not able to find anyone who has them yet. These were the first bees introduced to NZ and were the main feral stock until varroa wiped them out in north island . I hope there are still some of them left in south island. Would like to get them before varroa gets them all. As we are not allowed to import any bees to NZ now, it might be a good idea to save the ones we have. The genetics of the dark bees might become useful sometime. They are supposed to be good foragers and good gatherers
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