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  1. More research on varroa tolerant bees. Research on how to import bee genetics (egg and sperm) without bringing viruses with them.
  2. VSH research done by plant and food did develop bees which showed significant VSH behaviour. These bees were then given to Commercial outfits which were keen to carry on the work which was done be P&F. These outfits were taught how to maintain the VSH into the next generation, how to avoid inbreeding and how to select better bees from the bees which were given to them. You cannot blame the people who did the research and provided the result which was asked by the industry for something which is out of their hand after the research is finished and the bees are not in their care anymore
  3. Fresh nectar in hives in Hamilton and Huntly. There is a heavy flow happening now. Most of the hives are very strong for this time of the year with at least half of the hives having either emerged drones or capped drone brood. The good weather also helps. Too many bees in some hives and if the weather goes bad then there is a big chance of starving also. And if the weather stays good then I think swarm season will be much early this year. Have to make sure I make enough room for them so they don't swarm. . Bees have also started making queen cell cups on the bottom of frames but the qu
  4. Had to feed hives this week. Nucs and a few hives were very low on stores. They would not survive more than a few days without a feed I think. Had to clean up all the feeders I had and make syrup to feed. I usually leave more than enough honey on all hives in autumn to make sure I don't need to feed but this year they have gone through them very fast. Not very impressed with the weather patterns.
  5. If and when we get SHB, we will have a lot of colony losses as none of our bees are ever exposed to them and combined with varroa which our bees don't show any real resistance to it will be a nightmare for people who don't look after their bees as often as they should be.
  6. New drones just hatching in Hives at Hamilton. Lots of brood and new Nectar coming in.
  7. 10 frame FD box with bees have sold for 500+ this time of the year. 6 frame Nucs have been sold for close to 400 this time of the year. So in spring it will be atleast a couple of 100 dollars extra.
  8. If the new organization is here for the bees then its good. I would like to see them caring for bees and issues related to bees and beekeepers such as diseases and pests, forage sources etc.
  9. Apistan link to increase of deformed wing virus Acaricide Treatment Affects Viral Dynamics in Varroa destructor-Infested Honey Bee Colonies via both Host Physiology and Mite Control Honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies are declining, and a number of stressors have been identified that affect, alone or in combination, the health of honey bees. The ectoparasitic mite Varroa destructor, honey bee viruses that are often closely associated with the mite, and pesticides used to control the mite population form a complex system of stressors that may affect honey bee health in different ways
  10. Not all Carni/Italian crosses are aggressive. Most are as gentle as the pure races. Some hives do seems to be a bit more aggressive though but nothing which cannot be managed. Some of the strongest and best working hives I have had are the ones with a Hybrid queen(Italain/Carni) open mated to predominantly Italian drones. They seem to build huge colonies with very low swarming tendencies. But to maintain that will be hard I think without keeping pure lines to keep making crosses. The bees look a bit darker yellow than the pure Italians. We should have imported some Russia
  11. According to Brother Adam in his books " In search of the best strain of Honey bees" and "Breeding the Honey bee", he mentions Carniolan and Anatolian as the most long lived bees according to his observations.
  12. Just an old article about Nosema Apis in bees. Carniolans seems to do better against Nosema according to the article https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00891315/document
  13. About Carniolans living longer susan cobey interview If you read the second question in the article its mentioned by See Cobey about the longevity of the carniolan bees. Carniolan honey bee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you look at the strengths of carniolans its mentioned that they live around 12% more than other races. There is also research article which I am trying to find at the moment.
  14. Carniolan bees are also supposed to live a few weeks longer than the Italian bees. What I have noticed is that even though they have a brood break their population is not so low. This could be the reason they use less stores during winter because they are not feeding brood. They also dont fly a lot in winter but when you look at an Italian hive they do sent out a lot more bees during a sunny winter day. Carniolans do regulate brood according to flow in summer but not as drastically as some say. They always have some brood during summer even in a dearth in summer.
  15. That could be it. But the seeds are supposed to small and Black in color.
  16. A beekeeper in Northland has lost at least 300 hives in what he suspects is a deliberate poisoning. David Yanke and his partner Rachel Kearney first noticed the huge numbers of dying bees and dead hives at Easter weekend on their property near Taipa, in the far North. Police and Ministry for Primary Industries are investigating the incident. Mr Yanke said the way the bees died made him and other beekeepers suspect the hives were poisoned, but he was waiting on tests on the honey and the bees to find out what killed them. The couple have run Daykel Apiaries for over 30 years and
  17. Lot of bees which are sold as Italian have AMM genetics in them and with the large number of hives coming up from south island where varroa only arrived recently may have been mated with the AMM drones which were around before varroa killed them off. With the arrival of Carniolans into the mix, its harder to distinguish which is carniolans and which is AMM if they are hybrids (both being a darker race). An experienced person can have a general idea with how they look with body size, shape, hair color etc. and behavior. But otherwise it has to be tested in a lab to find out. I think the
  18. May be it needs another plant to pollinate it to set seeds or it could be a male plant. Some plants have males and females.
  19. Same frames. Just took some honey off from the supers and put them back. That's all. Did not change anything in the brood boxes.
  20. The queen is a bit hybrid herself I think. Her mother was an Italian queen open mated in Hamilton. The daughter (this queen) throws out a few drones with a bit more darker body than a normal Italian drone. All her workers look like the dark Italians where you have one or two leather yellow bands and the rest are dark bands. So I think they are hybrids.
  21. One of my Queens which was a supercedure queen from last year was laying very well unit about one month ago and then she suddenly slowed down and started laying drone brood in worker cells and started having spotty brood pattern. I thought she was turning into a drone layer and have to replace her soon. Then all of a sudden she is back to laying very solid worker brood patterns again as if nothing had happened. The queen is marked, so its still the same queen. First time seeing this. Usually a queen which starts laying drone brood in worker cells and have a spotty brood pattern of worker b
  22. Has anyone has been experiencing difficulty getting queens mated properly this season? Queens not laying good patterns and turning into drone layers after a few rounds? Queens hatching out well but not found in the hive when checking after a few weeks to see if laying? I have had a few more of these this year compared to the other years. Just wondering if its just me with the weather being not the best...
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