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  1. Had a football size swarm land on a tall fern at home yesterday. Stayed for about 2 hours and left to the opposite direction from where they came from. May have been a rest stop on the way to a new home.
  2. Something on the news. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/hawkes-bay-honey-producer-installs-250-solar-panels-in-bid-help-environment?utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=Post%3A+"the+solar+panels+are+the+equivalent+of+planting..."&utm_source=facebook&hsa_grp=6130810495736&hsa_net=facebook&hsa_ad=6130810496736&hsa_cam=6130810493936&hsa_src=fb&hsa_ver=3&hsa_acc=10152756314334928
  3. Bees foraging together in Kerala, India.
  4. https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/387366/manuka-honey-producer-pleads-guilty-to-adulterating-product-for-gain
  5. Most of my bees are dark grey to very black colour. Some have a little bit of dark orangish colour. Queens are mostly black and some have a little bit of copper/ yellow tint to them. They have a lot of Carniolan and dark Italian in them. They have worked well for me. I graft most of my queens and once in a while try a few queens from different breeders out of curiosity to see how they perform and if they do well then get a few grafts from them.
  6. Massive blaze destroys shed at Bees' Inn honey manufacturing plant in Ohaupo, Waikato https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/honey-factory-destroyed-by-fire/ar-BBVAhix?li=BBqdg4K
  7. Any thoughts of why this might be?
  8. @David Yanke is right. Carniolans do have a brood break in late autumn/ early winter till around mid July. So if your treatments have worked in autumn, then the hive is going into winter with good healthy bees and no chance of varroa breeding through the winter months. Most of my bees are Carniolan/ Carniolan hybrids. They form a tight cluster with not much bees flying in winter months. They store a lot of nectar in the open cells in the brood area going into winter. The cluster size is not too small, so the spring build up is good with a very rapid build up.
  9. Still have black bees on Stewart island it seems. I had some queens which came from West coast area around 7 years back which were claimed to be Caucasian. They were gentle and used a lot of propolis. The queens and the bees were very dark. So they may have been Caucasian. Apparently the beekeepers was building up an isolated apiary just to keep them going. He did mention that he had black bees also and they were doing better than his Italian at that time.
  10. INTRODUCTING... Varroa Destructor DEATH STRIPS Varroa Destructor DEATH STRIPS are made from off the shelf products and here at TradeBeez we have been using them in our hives for some time. Varroa Destructor Death Strip Primary ingredient is concentrated essential oils and Ethanedioic acid. It is 100% Organic and has no nasty Chemicals AND we guarantee VDDS to be effective. Two Strips per hive all that is required and they are to be left in until the Bees have removed it them selves. Completely safe to use during the all Seasons - although it is recommended to remove them during the honey flow. Active ingredients are natural readily available "off the shelf items" such as: Glycerol, Thyme Oil, Pine Oil, Bilberry Oil, Ethanedioic acid, Walnut Oil, Bay Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Xantham Gum. VDDS comes in packs of: 10 Pack: $25.50 - Was $30 50 Pack: $93.50 - Was $110 100 Pack:$170 - Was $200 Prices are Plus GST For a free trial or details on our money back guarantee please contact us via email admin@tradebeez.co.nz Order Today Related products Probee41 1000ml - $79 250ml - $21 click here to order What's on sale Queens available - March Sale $49.50 each Shop the sale » Copyright © 2019 Tradebeez, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website. Our mailing address is: Tradebeez 6 citrus lane enner glynn Nelson, South island 7011 New Zealand Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list. Got this as an email today. Anyone has any experience with the stripes?
  11. https://i.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/111103662/beekeepers-vote-down-levy-proposal-by-large-majority
  12. Last few days to vote, weather it’s a yes or no. Today or tomorrow is the last day before you can send it in and make sure it gets there on time to be counted. Happy voting.
  13. Last few days to vote, weather it’s a yes or no. Today or tomorrow is the last day before you can send it in and make sure it gets there on time to be counted. Happy voting.
  14. Why do we have 3 market members in the APINZ Board if the vote passes when they don’t have to pay anything. Should it not be mostly represented by commercial beekeepers and maybe one market member and one non commercial member? I am not saying vote yes or no, but just a thought in case the vote is yes.
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