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  1. shes hard to find at the best of times if she is only contained to two brood boxs you know she there somewhere
  2. knowing whats going on in the hive is the mosts important thing in keeping bees varoa are nasty little ######s and can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time knowing what there numbers are gives you a good idea when to treat it no use treating if numbers are low
  3. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] hi trev thanks for taking the time in making your videos i hav found them very helpful cheers craig
  4. will do alot to take in looking forward to thow
  5. thanks for your input have got the book and have joined the rotorua honey bee club and booked a introductoin to beekeeping course
  6. We were wondering if there was anyone in the taupo region who would want to put a beehive on our place and be able to teach us beekeeping.(We have 12 acres.) Craig and Sue
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