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  1. Have courage - the result could be positively surprising (y). Hmm that could be a tough one with where to site it though...
  2. Whoa - good grief :confused:
  3. Good point - come to think of it she may be short of space. But I will also check the brood. Thanks very much.
  4. I have something similar going on although the eggs are not on the sides of the cells. I wondered if it's just a new queen who's rearing to go and is double firing... there's exactly 2 eggs in every cell...??
  5. Frazzledfozzle - I have come to believe that people working with and earning a living from animals wont be entirely successful at it until they develop a healthy naturalistic conscience whilst doing so. I hope that by the time these people (who don't really give too much thought to their bees) - understand that something is missing with regards to their animal husbandry and management get out of the business before anymore latent minded destruction of honeybees occurs.
  6. I agree - that same thing has also occurred here in Northland...
  7. I reckon - lets see more consideration for and respect of our fellow beekeepers, it's not that hard to do is it???
  8. Yes they did show some footage of white powder on top of plastic frames (whether or not that was the actual hives the story was about...) a fairly obvious sign of poisoning unlike the poisoning that occurred with some hives I know of this year - which wasn't so obvious (NO white powder) apart from the tell tale giveaway picture of lots of dead bees piled up on the floor of the hive etc..
  9. ha ha - well as you know we've been learning this year what value manuka honey can hold. When I heard Sainsbury mention $400 / kg my eyes just about popped out of my head just after they saw dollar signs $$$ LOL, please tell me that by some miracle he was right....:rolleyes:
  10. my feeling is that it seems to be quite cut throat in the beekeeping industry in the Far North - just as it would have been in the 'olden day gold rush' we are experiencing a 'liquid gold fever'. And unfortunately a gold fever creates nervous anticipation and actions which results in what we saw on Close Up tonight. I wonder if the people responsible ever end up feeling like their actions were worth it - I doubt it somehow...
  11. Coool - I've had the same thing, I hived a swarm a week and a bit ago and found the queen was a virgin (possible caste swarm???) anyway as soon as the weather improves I'll head up there to see what's happening. There were a few bees flying in with pollen so I'm hoping that's a sign of brood and not just a few stubborn 'pollen collecting' insistent bees...
  12. Love the pic Gavin, I've been making visits to my nucs to see if I can see my virgin queens doing orientation flights or even just returning (so I think it's amazing you've caught a pic of it) - well done!
  13. Yay I'm coming down to Mangawhai this weekend - maybe I should bring a couple of empty boxes with me...:-)
  14. It is hard to tell but it looks like they've drawn a bit of drone comb there, I've been taught that if you make it a habit to clean the wax (that the bees have added) off the frames sides, tops and bottoms with your H. tool every time you look into it - that can help deter them from building from it. Also try and space the frames out evenly before you close it up again. Easily said (I know) when you're wrestling with propolis deposits and trying to get the hive closed up quickly.
  15. Sweet Foul American ...??? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
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