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  1. https://www.pestwiki.com/kill-repel-bees/ http://www.netnewsledger.com/2018/02/16/naturally-repel-bees-keep-away/ Hope some of these are of use
  2. I have seen this before we just change the base, scrape wax off in front of hive hope this helps
  3. i like that i think that is a sound idea
  4. if you have a tooth ache roll up propolis into a small ball place on affected tooth acts as a tempary filling and numbs The area too.
  5. yes it crops well about every 3 years we got 6 drums the last time we tried it
  6. I would like to Know what the going rate is, and job description is for a commercial honey plant operator with more than 8 years experience.? thanks
  7. tia


    That shop long gone from turangi, and i have tried material shops in taupo they don't have zips long enough for suits, but thanks.
  8. tia


    thanks i can repair some things but i cant find out where to get the zips from.
  9. tia


    Does anyone know where I can get bee suits repaired in the north island? the bees and I would bee really keen to no.
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