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  1. I just hang a bit of raw meat up where the bait will go, keep swapping with fresh stuff, then when theirs heaps of wasps working it swap with vespex. it goes in a few hours. I knew of 3 nests, all with in 50m of pre bait and bait. all gone week later. Thats how I get around it drying out.
  2. wow 100 H!! be able to poach all the neighbours, 500 hive at least!!
  3. I agree, one or two hives, maybe. but a whole site has to be a beekeeper
  4. Well, I would guess if you told them what the few were getting they might have a different view, and a few jars of honey would look like a bit of an insult.
  5. good winter and spring sites will worth a bit. hives have to go some where after manuka flower. hopefully farmers/land owners click on to this and make a bit of extra income. I know this will annoy a few beeks, but the mutual benefit yarn gets a bit old after a while.
  6. chuck a price at them. they will either pay it or they wont.
  7. two sites of 10, all hives were scattered individually. started at 10am finished about 12. ran into your problem dean to, bit lite on gear. i had double broods, with 2 supers FD. going through 18 frames per hive didnt help with speed to beat robbing. i'm only guessing but i cant see how you could have one brood box QE and a super only? swarm? don't know. but if i ever did have enough boxes to make a run at the extraction plant worth while for them, i think i would go that way. use the stickies for swarm control in spring?
  8. I found robbing was hard to deal with. every time the lid was opened bees were strait in. less hives per site is something i mite have to think about(less time per site), because its not as easy as the videos. i still think its good for people with a few hives. motor bike and a bit of spare time is the cost.
  9. same here mate, big commercial gives you a number on a piece of paper, well done you got 10%. of what? they could put any number down. or come in half way through and take a cut off and only pay you on the second lot. it would make you laugh at what i can make off a 10th of their hive numbers, compared to what they paid me. bees do well, they have a box of kamahi capped, then manuka flowers, harvest afb chek varroa treatment, and then they pack down bush for the winter. but as more of these parasite commercials keep stocking the place up i can see its going to get harder, feeding more vi
  10. i agree with that call, you'd be a muppet if you blanket sprayed pasture with met.
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