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  1. I will keep looking. The 450 one looks like it may do the job if a bit slower 5 Litres sounds big enough.
  2. I found this in NZ http://www.theolivegrove.co.nz/presses.pdf A bit expensive but would save on postage
  3. Brilliant ! I have been looking for one of those ever since I spent 3 days forcing 80 Kg of Manuka honey through a sieve and then through a muslin bag. Where can I get one ???
  4. No Plans to travel to Dunedin in the near future but if something comes up I will let you know. Thanks for the offer !
  5. Will have to look for some boxes and give that a try !
  6. My extractor is a tangental hence the broken comb in the wooden frames. Plastic frames work much better and the bees rebuild them with no problems. Next year it will be all plastic frames in the honey boxes !! I have tried eating the money in the comb but I get fed up of picking wax out of my teeth.
  7. I suppose thats fine if you have unlimited amount of time and patience. I found a cheese cloth very slow and used a kitchen sieve but its still very slow and destroys the comb. Guess I will have to look for a commercial bee keeper with a vibrating frame.
  8. Very Clever so what is the right technology ????
  9. I am glad to see I am not the only one. By the way I gave the vibration tumbler a little try this afternoon and some of the honey ran out but not completely. I need to do a proper test with the vibrator and the spinner when its good and warm.
  10. The honey has been off the hives for about 3 weeks. (I had a robbing problem) but it hasn't crystallised as the honey I have managed to extract looks and tastes great. Manuka stopped flowering in third week in Jan approx. I haven't managed extracted the honey before because I am doing a six month bee keeping course and we can take our frames to a commercial honey house to extract on the course but that isn't until next week end.
  11. Will try it out some time this week if its warm enough and let you all know
  12. I have been trying most of the above. (Just to make it clear I de cap first) At 25 degrees nothing comes out no matter how hard I spin the frames. My honey pricker is mades exactly like yours and does help a lot (at about 35 degrees) but still leaves approx 50% of the honey in the frames and wrecks the tops of the comb. I appreciate that scraping the frames will work but I really don't want to destroy the comb. I have been thinking about trying de capping a couple of frames and sitting them on by Vibrator polisher for a couple of minutes before putting them in the centrifuge. The Vibrator poli
  13. OK Now I am really struggling. It looks like practically all my crop is Manuka honey and I have so far failed miserably to find a successful way to extract it. I have warmed the frames to 38 degrees. I have tried to uses a honey pricker ( limited success but destroys the comb) Is the only option to cut out all the come and separate the wax from the honey?
  14. I live in Queenstown !!! Plenty of sun but cool air
  15. Thanks Trevor. I will have to work out a way to heat up the frames. Shouldn't be too difficult. Heating the room to 35 degrees may be a bit of a mission.
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