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  1. well that was a conversation killer
  2. Sorry to hear this. I think we could actually see more of this as desperate people try to make up for the loses that are happening. Be vigilant.
  3. TALK to those who are putting it out there congratulations. It is really hard to see losses like this , let alone share it. We all know we can feel bad finding AFB and so many do not share that from a sense of shame. I was in the dairy industry years ago when subsidies were removed and remember the toll on community and families. There will be beekeepers out there that are struggling to cope with low prices and losses like this. They can also tend to close down and not talk, stoic types you know, men's men etc. Talk to your anyone or reach out to a professional. MIke King is on you
  4. The island has a few feral bees, it is within a kilometer of an island that has bees so no chance of no varroa. That said i will be doing everything to not put varroa there myself. It will be two new splits with no brood. Quite exciting. At home on Waiheke there are just so many hives that we cross contaminate each other all the time. At least here the ferals will be few and probably die out naturaly. Will keep you all posted.
  5. In my humble opinion a lot of varroa failure is possibly cross infection. i wonder if this is partly why staples are often very effective, on going treatment to control cross infection. I have been asked to place hives on an island in the gulf that has no hives and is a wildlife sanctuary. I am dying to see how they differ from my home hives over a season.
  6. Details please, why did you do it? i was thinking full frames for caging. How long was too long. Please
  7. Happy with my treatment, my loses seem no higher then most i know of. Was just looking to add tool to the job. Thanks for the info.
  8. As i say i have used it solely for four years. Our winter temps seem to allow treatment even below optimum. My spring loses range between 10 /15%. Mostly colony collapse to varroa. I want to try caging the queen then treating three weeks later before releasing her. Idea is to basically clean all he brood and bees. Picking early june would suit before wintering down tight.
  9. I sell honey to Aussie tourists daily, they declare it and no problems. Western Australia and Kangaroo island absolutely no. They buy it because it tastes so good, so they tell me.
  10. I run 70 hives as organically as i can. The last four years all my treatments have been with Apigaurd. I also have a retail honey outlet and meet beeks from all over the world weekly. I was chatting with some german beeks and french last week. They both had long brood breaks and this is a real plus for the control of varroa. I by contrast have no brood break which led me to wonder if i could cage my queens to enforce a brood break. My greatest losses are from varroa over load in july/ august. Is there anyone out there has tried this? Any thoughts on how to do it ,/ Thanks
  11. I take it you are putting the brood on top with and excluder under. I tried it last season with several hives. As predicted by @faz the bees like to store honey above the brood and they did. They choked the top of the brood and it reduced brood development. Under supering the brood was fine but the hives did not produce as well as traditional hives. They tended to draw frames striaght down through the centre and leave light frames outside. Not something i will repeat, i had hoped it would make brood checks easier and save my back.
  12. Different point of view, since the rains a month ago most of the AKL region has food. I often find a hive thats got testy at this stage has varroa load. Check for varroa.
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