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  1. The most advantageous part of the horizontal extractors is not having to handle all the frames several times. Yes frame tolerance is an issue, we persisted with what we had for the first two seasons, then did a heavy cull for two seasons of frames that wouldnt go through easily. Now dont have any issues. fully aware of all that, there wasnt enough adjustment in the stopper that lift up to feed frames, ended up welding two different sized pieces of rod on the feed chain side to overcome the timing issue. If the frame goes in slightly wrong we can end up with one lug on the wrong side of the pusher on the drive chain. It happens very quickly, if we dont catch it happening within 1 - 1.5seconds it can be hard to reverse to fix the problem. No definitely no clutch whatsoever, we are still considering fitting a clutch to it, but considering we are always having to "baby"it a wee bit despite three major upgrades, if I had the money I would probably just upgrade to a beetech - they run forever, with no problems. yes it is a pain in the backside. We can still make it work, but it is tempermental, despite doing three major upgrades to fix problems, the outfeed chain is now causing an issue - because of the forces, bent most of the pushing lugs on the chain up a little, the chain is tending to run over the top of the frames rather than pushing them out. We will probably take the chains off and reverse them to solve this short term, but as we keep extracting they are likely to start bending back the other way, causing metal fatigue and then braking. I maybe need to look out for one of these newbees going belly up who has got a very flash, almost new beetech uncapper for sale that I can purchase for $10, or possibly for a drum of honey (same price equivalent)
  2. appreciate the information tristian, we will keep an eye on the braking resister temperature. Had thought of everything else. Do you have on eof these extractors? Have answered the uncapping question in response to alastair. Hi alastair - bought the unit just after wanganui conference. It came with the new star uncapper underneath the knives. It worked fine without any load, but under load the frames do not feed in at exactly the same time, one side quarter to half a second faster than the other side which means you had frames misfeeding. also the intake chain spacing was a little out - once again allowed the frames to feed in out of alignment. We did our first upgrade of the machine to fix these issues. The star uncapper was a good idea in theory, but found you needed to have the water temperature at least 75-80 degrees or it would block up with wax. I was told that it would work like a pricker, ideal for heather honey or manuka, reality is that all that it would do is uncap any missed cells. Biggest problem with the star uncapper is once the frames went past the uncapping knives, and there was a problem, there was absolutely no way to reverse the frame or get it out which meat we had to completely destroy the frame piece by piece to get it out. A real problem for plastic frames - so we took it out. Because there is no clutch, it will keep putting pressure on until something breaks, the knives will break right through a plastic frame if it is misaligned if the chain doesnt break first.
  3. Hi Tristan, got a 52 frame extraction line from these guys a few years ago, the uncapper is absolutely rubbish, screw press is brilliant but probably a bit small for the unit, extractor works fine but the issue is the preset programs only hit maximum speed at the last 3.5 min of any program. Wether it is a 12 min program or a 24min (or anything in between). Unfortunately Paradise honey is second to none for poor service in my opinion. Were wanting to reprogram it so that we hit maximum speed quicker on each program and stay at the maximum speed for longer. Possibly also increase maximum speed. Presently set for 179rpm which is adequate for Kamahi, clover, but not really quite fast enough for other honeys.
  4. Hi folks, we have a paradise honey extraction line. We are wishing to change the set programs on it. Heard through the grapevine that someone possible up Nelson way has already done this, would appreciate any contacts if anybody knows anything. Thanks
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