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    HI Glynn It is illegal to keep AFB infected gear unless you have written permission from the AFB Management Agency. You can apply for a permit to keep this frame for educational purposes by sending an e-mail to Rex Baynes at: rbaynes@ihug.co.nz
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    Hi Everyone The AFB Management Agency is working on finding the potential source of this AFB incident, both buyer and seller are being cooperative. This will involve inspections of hives of the beekeeper who supplied the hive and hives surrounding this apiary site, but also beehives in the vicinity of Glyns' apiary site as there is a chance this (strong) hive got AFB by robbing an AFB infected hive in his neighbourhood within the last 6 weeks.
  3. This week Bees in Canterbury collecting pollen from Gorse, Almond, Prunus sp. (small plums) and Japonica
  4. Can you please tell us what pollen are your bees collecting at the moment? In Canterbury this week I have seen bees collecting pollen from tree lucerne, silver wattle and Erica. I have seen bees on white and red Eucalypts flowers, but only fo nectar.
  5. Hi Guys for information about the Trees for Bees project try the following sites: website links: www.treesforbeesnz.org They are also now on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TreesForBeesNZ All their research findings are available to the public. (y)
  6. Version 1.0


    Slimy Honey and Absconding Bees, a popular article about the small hive beetle
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    Pest and Disease Control
  8. Hi Grant the shiny bees that you could see with high levels of varroa in a beehive is a symptom of chronic paralysis virus.
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