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  1. I recently moved back to NZ from Cambodia so that one I can sort of understand. I guess somehow my laptop has been hacked and rerouted to go through a server over that way. I am a technological idiot so not sure how to approach it. Good to know it is happening though.
  2. Thanks Derek. I'm in Gisborne. That is weird. I went to Vietnam in 2000 - maybe they're following me...
  3. Hi All. I have searched the forum but could not find an answer to my question. Apologies if I am doubling up on a subject already covered elsewhere though. I have land which I have recently purchased on East Cape and have a fair covering of manuka on part of it. I have been approached by a beekeeper from the area who wants to place hives on the land and has offered a fixed price per hive plus a percentage royalty. I'm happy with what is being offered but the research I've done (by which I mean google searches...) tells me that a contract would be a good idea if this is an income stream that I would like to be able to rely on - as far as anything in agriculture can be relied on, that is. So my question is - Does anyone have suggestions for either where I can source a sample access/royalty agreement that I could use as a base for an agreement on my place or do you have any advice in terms of what I should be requiring from the beekeeper? I have found loads of pollination agreements online but none that could be used for what I am after. Thanks in advance for any help and feel free to tell me to ###### off if I am barking up the wrong tree.
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