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  1. Does anyone know how the multi floral Manuka prices are looking this season? Mgo 100
  2. Delicious. As long as it passes as a multi floral Manuka I'm happy.
  3. I would have thought all this moisture would make for a good crop? Once the rain stops and the soil temps come up abit that is. I haven't seen this much clover out in 3-4 years. Pohutikawa starting to come out in some areas also. Not too mention all that kanuka flowering .
  4. Is there still not the risk that multiple hives can get infected from just the one box of frames? Atleast it stays in the Apiary I'm guessing.
  5. What's the best way to mark frames? I know smaller extractors who can do individual boxes but that's done into Pails. This might be harder than I thought.
  6. I think I have a few to many hives for the Field harvester. What do bees think of field harvest in robbing season?
  7. Easier for some plants I'm guessing. Different systems. My guy wasn't too keen.
  8. Are there any extraction plants who are able to put the same frames back in the box they came from? My current plant mixes the frames up due To the extracting system I'm guessing? I would prefer not to have to mark each frame. Would drive up to 3-4 hrs out of Auckland.
  9. Hi guys just wondering what people are being offered for a multi floral manuka, NPA 5?
  10. Tristan, as far as i know Waiheke island is a couple of degrees warmer than the mainland on average and there is a bit of a micro climate. I think the only honey coming in at the moment is around town. I have access to good manuka and kanuka sites so i would like to put get the hives pumping before the Manuka comes on. All of the hives have currently got brood and most of the queens have been laying throughout winter. Thanks
  11. Hi guys I am a young beekeeper on Waiheke island with 25 FD singles and 5 Nucs. I have feeders on all the hives and have been feeding 2:1 since may. My question is how should is stimulate my hives and try get them to expand in time for the early manuka/ Kanuka flows? All the singles have between 7-9 frames of honey and brood. I will take Nucs off the hives which start to show signs of swarming in spring. Should I start the feed 1:1 to the singles? All answers appreciated Thanks
  12. Gav i know the beek you are talking about well, he has kept bees for a few years now and has some knowledge of bees. Have run through his hive for him prior to it dying out earlier this year. The queen had turned drone layer and the population was dwindling. Also noted seeing the varroa treatments in honey box not amongst brood so could have been some pms involved. Hopefully if were lucky it wasnt Afb and we can rid waiheke of it all together.
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