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  1. For those of you asking if ApiNZ is involved in any work on the management/eradication of scolypopa we have raised this with the Science and Research Focus Group which will be meeting earlier than usual in the new year. We are aware that the hot/dry weather this season is making the issue more urgent in certain parts of the country.
  2. Rob – That’s correct. The purpose of the campaign is to educate new beekeepers or beekeepers unaware of their options/steps they can take in meeting obligations, to remind/direct anyone to existing information on managing the risk of tutin contamination in their honey and to provide the opportunity to ask the MPI Animal Products team questions about tutin. If there are any updates/new information we are aware of it will be posted on here and updated on MPI’s webpage on tutin: http://www.mpi.govt.nz/growing-and-harvesting/honey-and-bees/managing-tutin-contamination/
  3. Hi @Rob Stockley, Thanks for your feedback. ApiNZ is working with MPI to develop and deliver information on tutin during the high-risk period to all registered beekeepers via multiple channels, including this forum as well as the NZ Beekeeper Journal, an email to all registered beekeepers, and offers of updates from MPI at club and hub meetings. Following feedback from last year, as a new feature MPI are answering any technical questions via this discussion thread. Raising awareness about tutin is crucial at this time of year and we want to make sure all beekeepers understand what
  4. See attached a letter from NBA President, Ricki Leahy, addressing the recent communications from a small group of NBA members that is currently circulating the NBA membership. Putting our industry ahead of personality politics.pdf Putting our industry ahead of personality politics.pdf
  5. To all Industry Stakeholders A request for funding assistance. June 2014 was a milestone for our industry, after many years of segregation industry stakeholders came together as one to learn, discuss and share thoughts and ideas at the first New Zealand Apicultural Conference held in Wanganui. Attendance numbers throughout the conference exceeded expectations, and a big vote of thanks must go to the enthusiastic organising team who delivered an excellent programme. The conference theme was “Working Together”, the discussions and debate certainly focussed attendees on critic
  6. This information may be helfpul: Question - What do I need to consider if I want to sell my home produced honey A1. Operating under the Food Act 1981 Bee products, including honey, that are produced for domestic consumption, may be produced under the requirements of the Food Act 1981. Whether you are a primary or secondary processor, the Food Act requires that you must either: · Operate under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, which are administered by your local council (Territorial Authority), · Or · Operate under a registered Food Safety Programme (FSP), which
  7. @@Cyathea We would recommend you call MPI immediately. They will be able to determine if it is a case of Tutin poisoning and take action if this is the case. Please call the MPI Consumer Helpline on 0800 693 721 or email: info@mpi.govt.nz Alternatively Cyathea, if you could contact the NBA and leave your contact details for us to contact you, it would be most helpful. You can find the NBA phone number on our website Welcome to the National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand website. - NBA under the contact us section. We have also put some answers to questions in
  8. NATIONAL BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL SEMINARS & CONFERENCE HOTEL ASHBURTON SUNDAY 16TH June 2013 9.30am – 1.30pm SMALL & HOBBY BEEKEEPERS PRACTICAL SESSION Plank to a Hive – Practical Woodware Elements Top Bar Hives – Alternative style home for bees Runaway Bees – Swarms and beehive management Beeswax – Rendering Small amounts of Beeswax American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan (AFB PMP) - American Foulbrood disease awareness
  9. We try to please, Frazzled
  10. Hi all Please see below for a media release put out by the NBA this afternoon. Cheers Daniel Manuka prices inflated The National Beekeepers’ Association (NBA) wishes to correct misleading information, circulating in some media, that beekeepers are earning up to $400 a kg for bulk manuka honey. NBA chief executive, Daniel Paul, says this is incorrect. At best, beekeepers are earning up to $50 a kg for bulk manuka honey which is UMF 20+. And they’ll be earning less than that for other products. “Retailers could be earning up to $400 a kg, but that’s certa
  11. Hi Frazzled It was free because we had a contractual agreement with SFF to make this information as widely available as possible. It was seen as a public good project. This was in return for the NBA receiving many, many, many thousands of dollars of public/government money from SFF over many years to fund the research. I stress here the deal, signed a long time ago when the research was first proposed, was to make this information available to as many beekeepers as possible, not just to as many NBA members as possible. Even if we had charged $5 (or a token charge) that wouldn't have gene
  12. Hi all - may I address the heading to this thread plse? Firstly let me point out the NBA is NOT going broke, by any means. This is a temporary blip brought about by a one-off project that we needed to put on for all beekeepers. Please note that our membership is increasing and our revenue is up year on year in the past three years. Our financial situation, while 'tight' at the moment, is no different to what it's always been. In fact with membership increasing, it's perhaps somewhat better. Secondly, we have plans to increase membership and income even further by reviewing our su
  13. We'll keep working on it for you, Frazzle. The fat lady's not sung yet!
  14. Hi all - thanks for all your comments on this issue. It's really good to see the range of views. As you may know by now, the NBA has signed the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with MPI to EXPLORE THE VALUE PROPOSITION in GIA. Those words are in caps to stress them. We're EXPLORING the value proposition. There may not be one. There may be. We can all have a view - but we won't really KNOW until we test it. And that's what we aim to do over the coming months. As I have said publicly the govt can't expect on the one hand to introduce Aussie honey with all the threats it poses and
  15. Hi guys - we are very sure the GIA will thro up heaps of different views, but at least the MOU process will allow all beekeepers to get a better idea of the pros and cons. And therew will be both pros and cons. Importantly, though, it will give us a chance to see exactly what we can do to strengthen pre-border controls so we're not left holding the baby. In simple terms if we don't sign the MOU and have a look, we'll never really know ... You can be assured that we'll keep members fully appraised of what's going on . Give me a shout if you've got any questions. Cheers
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