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  1. We are looking to get out of the honey/bee game and wondering what is the best way to go about this. Currently have one strong hive with queen in her second season. We started this about 6 years ago for something for our son to do and he has since developed other interests and we simply don't have the time for it any more. Equipment etc we have as well as the operating hive: full depth supers, 3/4 supers, lids, cover boards, hive doctor bases, queen excluders, smoker, full bee suit and top half bee suit, gloves, hive tools, frame lifter, frame holder bee brush, honey heater modified fridge thing etc. Have never had AFB. Thanks in advance
  2. My gloves are covered in propolis from a couple of years use and I would like to know the best way to clean these without ruining the gloves. Has anyone got and techniques or tips? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the feedback. We got some advice from Trevor Gillibanks (good faithful) and have made two splits. Was going to be 4 splits but we accidentally mashed two cells when juggling frames and trying to find the residing Queen :mad:. The bees were getting a bit upset as the weather was starting to pack up.... again! and we will be away tomorrow. Will keep a close watch on the hives, especially knowing one has already produced queen cells and are all strong hives, and monitor these splits. This is the first "pre-swarm" split we have done so are rather wet around the ears about how and what to expect and look for etc. so any tips and tricks will be appreciated. Last year our hive did its own "splitting" by swarming 3x so got some hands-on experience in that area.... and would rather avoid that option if possible :cautious:
  4. When checking our hives this afternoon we found these in one hive. This hive is a prime swarm from spring last year. Queen is marked yellow. Are these queen cells? and would this be because current queen needs replacing or are they getting ready to swarm? All our 4 hives have 2 brood supers with plenty of pollen, nectar, and brood of all stages. I tried to add photos to media forum but over my limit (? how do I increase this?)
  5. Perhaps my teenagers have been feeding of kowhai trees.......:rolleyes:
  6. Awesome idea. Easy way to track weight progress before coming an "experienced hefter"
  7. As of the start of next month some of the food processing laws are changing which MAY mean you don't need to use a registered kitchen - check with your local council though for the by-laws in your area
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