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  1. looks like bagged sugar will be the safest bet I think
  2. How long can you keep 2:1 sugar syrup for? as I'm thinking of buying 200L of it to feed some hives now and keep whats left over for spring or will it go off by then? Or is it better to buy bagged sugar and make it as you need it?
  3. How do people get on running jumbos? I've currently getting 2 of them up running
  4. na they're wets from last season hive was looking good too
  5. Not the best way to end a day of inspecting hives
  6. Found this today interesting place to call home, you can see the old comb marks from last season when the trough was up side down sadly they where poisoned by the owner Comb is fill of eggs, hopefully going to give it a new home this week.
  7. Yeah nothing capped yet maybe capped brood in a couple of days and Queen cells not far away too. Definitely still swarm season here as I had 1 turn up in my trap today. First time having a queen lay this quickly
  8. I'm not keen on splitting it but less keen on it swarming
  9. I have a newly mated queen laying flat out(haven't seen her yet), has filled about 10 FD frames with eggs and larva nothing capped yet, but the're also about 10-20 swarm cells about half being used. Will they swarm that quickly with a newly mated queen the hive isn't real strong as it's been queenless since 12th Oct but not weak either, it is 2 FD with a half on top not many bees up in the half and only a little fresh nectar. At first I thought I had a drone layer as alot of cells with 2-4 eggs in but that has carmed down now and the eggs are in the centre and standing up. Do I just have a mad laying queen or do the bees know something? I'm thinking of going back in a couple of day to find the queen and split her off or make a split with the queen cells.
  10. Split my hive the other day, it was 2 FD full of brood nice strong hive took 2 5 frame splits off using the hive doctor nuc with excluder shaking all the bee off the frames. Checking the hive today after the split only to fine a nicely hatched queen cell, I had pulled do a few Queen cells down before the split but as I went through the frames I found frames with plenty of eggs and also the queen(marked blue), what has happen to the newly hatch queen? Will a virgin queen swarm leaving the old queen behind as I caught 2 swarm this week at my apiary but all my queens are still home? Very confusing
  11. This is my first attempt at grafting, pretty happy so far just have to wait and see what comes out. put a few in my homemade mating nucs hopefully we get some nice weather and my hard work pays off.
  12. The far hive is the double queen hive, it has a small side entrance the hive where united on the 23rd nov and this photo was the 7th jan
  13. Yeah each queen has it's own 3/4 box separated by a 3/4 honey super with excludes both sides this box tends to hold alot of pollen also you can bring brood from both queens into this box and give the queens newly drawn frames from your honey super if you want,that was my plan but didn't feel the queens needed it.
  14. I found double queening a hive worked well for me, especially if the hive isn't really strong. I ran 1 with a 3/4 brood on the bottom, queen excluder, 3/4 honey super, queen excluder with entrance, second 3/4 brood box and another queen excluder. both hives on their own where from hives that had swarmed so not strong but combined they filled 5 3/4 super, once harvest split back in half and both over winter very well. Will be doing more like that this year
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