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  1. beebuzz

    Blue Pods

    Blue pods!!!!
  2. o ok I suppose everybody will chase the Manuka
  3. Just curious. We went fishing there and didn't see a lot of hives.
  4. beebuzz


  5. These grey ones are from Ecrotek
  6. Thx Tom I saw those but we're looking for a pallet and drip tray all in one.
  7. Was at Ecrotek today but they only sell these single drip trays.We are looking for a pallet and not a loose tray.
  8. Hi Beeman72 Where can we buy these plastic pallets? Can you maybe post a photo?
  9. Do you use special pallets when taking of the supers from the hives?(harvesting).Or do you just stack on normal wooden pallets that hold 4 supers?
  10. beebuzz


    Two Queens!!
  11. Just curious.What do you prefer double or single broodnest/box and why?
  12. Does anyone know when the next AFB-Deca course will be held in Canterbury?
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