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  1. Hello, Thank you posting these photographs. I saw the same kind in some YouTube clips, it seems to work quite well. Looks easy to make so I will try it out. Sincerely Duncan. And your point is?
  2. Which company produces the best uncapper? I have been told that Peter Boutije's are good, has any one used this equipment. I cannot find a reference to his uncapper on the Internet.
  3. The following website in Greece states that 2500-3000 queens a year are exported from Greece to New Zealand. I thought that the importation of live bees into NZ is not permitted. ΑΛΛΑ ΠΡΟΪΟΝΤΑ Is this how Varroa managed to get into NZ?
  4. Are there any manufacturers of plastic frames in NZ? Any idea of the cell size?
  5. I use numbered discs stuck on with superglue, it works well.
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