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  1. Hi @Taranaki - This post is about a year old. What I did last year was source some Fipronil from a pest removal company and used it mixed with protein bait (pet food with sardine as base ingredient). This appeared to do the job very well last autumn and the bees were not attracted to this bait, though I was very careful to bait well away from my hives. As its coming up to the same time this year I will be setting these baited traps again but also using a reduced entrance and adding a simple mesh screen across the entrance (similar to pic attached). Hoping that this strategy keeps the little b#$gers at bay!
  2. @AdamD - How do you clip the wings? Nail clippers, scissors, or some special tool? Cheers
  3. Check this link out for more info Brochure for Hive doctor baseboard
  4. I've been using the Hive Doctor floors which I've found to be a good option. They have a varroa monitoring tray underneath and you can reduce the entrance if you experience robbing or wasp attack.
  5. $1,121.50 for a 2 box hive......Must be gold plated!!
  6. Looked everywhere here in Wellington for some Xstinguish ant bait (including Placemakers) as the wasps are still really bad. I thought the cold frosts where we are would deal to them but unfortunately they are still about and attacking my hives. Finally managed to get some online from flybusters.co.nz who shipped it overnight. I've been pre-baiting around the hives for a few days with cat food so in with the Xstinguish tonight.......Bye bye wasps I'm hoping!
  7. Good news. Wasps have been really bad this year. Anyone know what insecticide products contain fipronil?
  8. Wilsontour

    Egg to bee.

    Incredible....wonder how they videoed that without the cell cap.
  9. Very easy: Just get 1.125 litre soda bottle, cut off the top 1/4 with scissors. Turn this piece over and push it down into the bottom of the bottle. Now staple or tape the edges where they meet. Fill the bottle 1/3 up with a tablespoon of jam mixed with hot water till it dissolves. Place trap near where hives are getting robbed. You'll need to empty every few days depending on how many wasps are caught. Might pay to make a few of these if robbing is really bad.
  10. Yep, its staggering to see how many there are, little *&$#*#@'s !!. Yesterday I made up a wasp trap using a mix of jam, water, and beer poured it into a plastic bottle that I'd cut the top off and inverted and taped up around the join. It's certainly caught a few but plenty are getting into the hives. Just can't find the nest(s)
  11. My hives are under attack by a heap of wasps. I have reduced the entrances to 1 bee space but the wasps are prolific. Trouble is I can't find a wasp nest (10 acre property) as I struggle to follow them when the leave a hive. Any ideas?
  12. sounds a little too good to be true IMO! Think I'll stick with the Langstroth's thanks
  13. So given the frames are still capped after extraction, wouldn't it be prudent for these frames to be scratched to allow the bees access to refill the cells, or would the bees do this themselves? - uncap, refill and then recap.
  14. Cheers Trevor, quick on the draw as usual
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