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  1. Pink Cat, I enjoy your humour, Kiwi’s seem to have adopted a lot of USA language, surprising Autumn is still used instead of Fall.
  2. Sorry to hear, kids being delinquents I reckon, hopefully they copped a few stings and learnt, I would hate to think is was anything more than this because then it gets scary. Wishing you and your bees the best.
  3. I have these in our garden and the bees love them, sometimes 4 or 5 bees on each flower.
  4. I do wonder about honey being labeled or sold as organic, it's possible if the hives are on organic certified land and 3 to 4 km from any uncertified land, tell me if I have got this wrong?
  5. Imagine the pink cat perched on a toilet seat with his nose down on the seat saying " now that smells like Matai Honey."
  6. This is a long way from bees however I just have to comment with the following. Yes it was hard on them especially during World War 2, I saw that with my Dad, however it made him the most loving kind dad that one could ever wish for, as he spent every spare moment nurturing his children. If we are honest, a 6 month old baby sent to child care everyday and coming home to an overworked exhausted single Parent is having just as serious ill effect on our New Zealand society today.
  7. Just editing some dog hunting videos, while processing, jump on the forum and there you are Vitesse, it is a small world:).
  8. How rude! If there is signed paperwork, there should be some form of compensation.
  9. No experience re above, let us know how you get on.
  10. Are you saying you were a slow learner?
  11. Sorry that made me smile being the cynic I am, bar a few genuine journalists, the media either writes what they consider to be popular by their readership and make money on the attached advertising or are paid to write certain content.
  12. Excellent, just don't let your neighbors know that all the golden yellow spots on their parked cars are from the rear end of your bee's, I offered and did clean my wife's car yesterday only to be told today that it is again covered in Bee Poo.
  13. A quick cut behind the shoulders, rip the skin off, run the knife down each side of the backbone and lift the fillets off the ribs, pan fried in butter with salt and pepper.
  14. So spoilt down our way, rabbitting every Saturday afternoon, fried backsteaks and the rest for the dogs.
  15. Except the wind, I was standing 5 metres left of a hive today and when the wind gusts came I was getting hit by bees trying to make their way home.
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