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  1. Well everyone must have sold they honey and not worry about finding new markets off shore. Adam Boot must be so busy selling honey doesn't have time for this group
  2. We are currently talking to a honey agent to promote and sell our honey overseas. The question is are there any beekeepers out there prepared to work together to find new markets overseas? This Means putting hands in pockets and paying a agent to act on our behalf . I looking for 10 beekeepers interested let's talk
  3. It's time to step up or shut up .Support the co operative. What do you have to lose ! What do you have to gain! Selling your honey! So many of you are happy to sit on the fence and do nothing but moan. And yes we are supporting Bruce and the co operative with a funds, are you?
  4. Have you the had it tested ? Pollen count and c4 I be keen to have a look at it and I think a have a market here in Canterbury ?. Send me details please
  5. Got clover doing in this order as well Honeydew in the final stages of a confirmed order . Everything takes forever
  6. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help out with and export order . I need 1 drum of the following honey Manuka 5+,10+,15+,20+ Pohutakawa and tawiri This is a trial order and could be on going Contact my details on profile Thanks guys
  7. The past season production wise has been great and going into the winter the hives are monsters ? Beekeeping has changed now forever you need a marketing arm now. Team up with a group of beekeepers or join the cooperative that Bruce setting up but do something! Just doing nothing and waiting for a phone from a honey buyers I don't think going to work ?. We have been pushing along but it all takes time. Lots of hours but I think our future looks alot brighter for going what we are doing. Marketing our honey ourselves.
  8. Hi guys We have made some progress in new markets overseas and looking to buy clover and multi floral manuka. Its be a long haul to get to this point with lots of time and money being put in 7 days a week . If you are keen to support us drop us a line Thanks
  9. Manuka exports are down is what I been told Multi floral manuka people tell me they can't sell I have been offer $6 for multi floral 93 % manuka last was a lot more
  10. I been told by a company that exports manuka that this time last year they sold 2 containers So far this year zero ? Not looking great for us now or next season
  11. Yep the small guy wants the same vote as a big guys but wants the big guys to pay more lol So that thinking everyone with one hive gets one vote as a guys with 4000 hives get one vote as well that's going to work not That guys with more to lose should have more votes per hive and pay more in my books that's fair .
  12. Just a update as to where we are at Shipment to USA clover,honeydew, manuka Interest in Germany 40 ton honey Local market going great
  13. Sold clover for $9 kg Honey dew currently working on 40 ton to Germany for $5-50 to $6 Multi manuka maybe get a deal for $10 kg confirmation next week
  14. We are selling honey in the jar and exporting in the jar as due to hard work
  15. Lol at the movement honey on selling in the drum so leaving us no choice
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