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  1. I regularly get a full box of honey or more off what is a nuc now...or even a december nuc
  2. Surely this cant be legal?!?! Would love to see that lot go up in smoke. Chinese?
  3. Same way we got carni, varroa, will get tracheal mite...
  4. $5 says carni not AMM or buckfast… prove me wrong
  5. The email was (ironically) from an APINZ board member who is part of the problem, not part of a solution, who wants a yes vote...
  6. Got a couple of interesting emails today from someone who will remain nameless (for now) … included was this gem... "...our historical export markets in Europe for Clover & Honeydew were not supported by NZ beekeepers over the last 6 years, this effectively removed NZ from the market from a buyers perspective, we are now paying the penalty." From my perspective as a predominantly pasture based beekeeper, I would have to change "NZ Beekeepers" to "Honey Marketers". The glamour kids selling emu oil or whatever faddish thing they can put a spin on will move on from ti-
  7. Cheers..Im in the neighbourhood next week
  8. @Stoney I must come by for a chat sometime... Are you JM himself or an employee?
  9. I've been putting off getting an extraction setup for too long... I'm allergic to bureaucracy But the time has come to make it happen, I just need someone to do it one more season
  10. @jamesc think long and hard about it... then lemme know what could work for you
  11. Looking for extraction for 2-3 thousand FD boxes of pasture/clover preferably in Waimakariri or Selwyn this season. Any recommendations (or antis) welcome. Cheers
  12. yep... like "these dinosaur bones are 63 million years old because that's how old the rocks are... and we know the rocks are that old because they have 63million year old dinosaur bones in them..."
  13. rule of thumb... 1 metre or 1 kilometer, nothing inbetween. But as Frazz says, if there is nothing left in the old spot most of them will figure it out
  14. yup, starved. Do what Mike said if you have another hive. 2 frames of honey doesn't last long with the weather how its been.
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