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  1. Passionvine hoppers early this year

    Our pest monitoring programmes are reporting greater numbers than normal in the BOP.
  2. Queen excluder dilema

    Er, no. The correct one has the bee space on one side, and you put it the right way up. Every time. But that's being impossibly fussy and only certain European nations bother with that. Here in kiwiland we just put up with it and scrape/melt the comb off.
  3. Question How do I cage a queen?

    Caging queens is easy. It's the eight escorts that test you. You can make or buy a Benton cage that you can use to catch a queen and allows the escorts to find their own way in through a piece of queen excluder. It works, but frankly caging queens is one of the skills that separates those that are from those that are not.
  4. Queen excluder dilema

    And now you know why they draw comb. One and one make.... Your suggestion that it's better to wait until they have started drawing before the qx goes on is absolutely correct.
  5. Queen excluder dilema

    So is your excluder a) unframed, no bee space, b) framed, bee space one side, or c) framed, bee space both sides?
  6. NZBF Is my hive about to swarm?

    Capped queen cells, unless you're very lucky, often mean the swarm has already left.
  7. Varroa treatment?

    But no, it isn't legal.
  8. paid parental leave

    So this will all go away when the UBI comes in...
  9. Robbing

    Correct. Good idea. Raise the height if you can. I understand your point, but I share in your loss (of the swarm)
  10. Robbing

    A somewhat phyrric victory. But it 'trapped', so I hope you left in place (just prepare to check and empty it). Where there is one swarm, frequently there are more.
  11. Robbing

    @DuncanCook I'm picking you are about two hours from me, which isn't out of the question, but November is. It's pollination time and I feel lucky if I get home to a good nights sleep. I will be human again about mid-December. Maybe I'll take a trip out, but until then; I think you perhaps worry more than you should. You appear to know more than a lot of people starting up. Your swarm trap was good work. Most new beekeepers over estimate the strength of their hives, and I suspect yours were weak from the off. 1.Glad to see your swarm trap worked. Is that the design I said was too small in the deep box? 2.You've lost some bees. Move on, we all do. Concentrate on the swarm and make the most of your good fortune. 3.I understand you want to learn what happened, and I can speculate with the best of them, but you appear to be able to eliminate AFB. 4.Secure those honey frames. Drop them in a freezer for at least 48hr, then store them somewhere ant/wasp/bee proof where they wont melt. I'd look at giving them to the swarm to look after soon. 5. Put strips in the swarm soon; it's good to treat with no/little brood and it sounds like you have a high chance or re-invasion from surrounding hives. 6. Inspect and post a report on the status of the swarm (with picture(s)) to the group asap.
  12. Beetek Top Feeder

    Now I know its not a subject for the Forum.
  13. Of course they do lots of things, but they do have an unnerving habit of keeping low, out of the wind. Invariably, they seem reluctant to spend energy to go up, just to come down again, so a horizontal short-cut suits them just fine!
  14. Beetek Top Feeder

    No, that's not it. There is no 'Truth' about 1080 (yet). We have different opinions. Some of them well considered, others ill-considered. Some not based on facts at all. To put it another way, there are several competing hypotheses about it, none of which have the status of a theory. For subjects like 1080, there may never be a 'Truth'. I had misgivings about explaining what I thought about opinions - I don't think the Forum can manage a debate on the meaning of Truth.
  15. In principle that's just fine. I am a little concerned about the type of net. I can imagine a situation where they land/catch on the net, crawl through, and take off. I would choose a bit of more impenetrable wind break, but I understand mechanically and aesthetically that's a bit more challenging to arrange. Maybe some observation tomorrow will tell you if you can get away with the current set-up, or maybe someone else has been successful with that particular kind of net.