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  1. I often have two Queens in a hive when I want to requeen. I put a Queen excluder between the two brood boxes so I can see where the existing queen is laying and later add a new laying Queen and her brood. Then I put another Queen excluder on top and a honey super. The two Queens happily lay their brood in their own boxes and all the worker bees go up to put their nectar in the honey supers. That way I can get double the amount of brood for the honey flow, and then by the end of January when I go down to check the brood for AFB before taking off some honey to extract, I often find that the old Queen in the bottom brood box is not laying very well. If I see her I will squash her but if I don't see her I will take away the Queen excluder between the brood and let the bees get rid of the Queen they don't want. She will stay in the bottom box, and doesn't go up to fight the new stronger Queen. That way I can often get up to 100kgs of honey from one hive.
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