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  1. Proper medical immunotherapy is effective. I would not recommend any treatment not supervised by an immunologist. That is a doctor with training in immunology.
  2. until
    Monthly meeting of The Buzz Club Otaki. At Waitohu School Hall. Friendly, knowledgable, come and learn about Beekeeping
  3. Yes very important, you use the epipen and always dial 111. It only lasts for a short period and there can commonly be a worsening after this It's not dangerous if you know how to use it, indeed it is just the same, before and after epipens it has been used laypeople. But practice and being taught first is important. $150 American is almost twice the price for a generic automatic injector, so it is a doubling of the present price. Which is too much for many people, who will chose home adrenaline with training etc etc It's not scare mongering to say the drug company has increased the price of epipens by 700%. We are a very small market and easily next
  4. Epipens have increased in price by 700% in the USA. Mylan say they have no plans to increase the price here. Yet If you have allergic people in the family having some adrenaline and needles at home is perfectly ok. Many parents of allergic children have been taught to use adrenaline with a needle The dosage is simple, but you need to be taught how to give the injection. If you see your GP you could be taught and given a prescription for adrenaline and syringes to have at home. At prescription prices not $120-$200 I would really recommend desensitisation injections for anyone who does have anaphylaxis, it could save a life. The children of beekeepers have higher rates of bee anaphylaxis than the general population. Protect those kids
  5. I wouldn't worry about consent if someone was having anaphylaxis in front of me! Just do it
  6. you mean you had an allergic reaction to antihistamine? Oh dear! Yes I understand what you mean then
  7. Hope you have an epipen! You are the one that needs it I don't think adrenaline counteracts antihistamine
  8. Here is a video about using paediatric dose pens
  9. You could talk to your GP about this and they could give you advice. The chemist could also explain how to use the pen. If not confident I wouldn't recommend it. If anyone in your home has anaphylaxis I think it is very important to have one and know how to use it
  10. Epipens are pretty safe. Would give you a bit of a fast heartbeat if there wasn't anaphylaxis. But if someone in front of you can't breathe an epipen can save them before an ambulance can. I have adrenaline at home, but I know how to use it. Epipen is $150 and only good for 12m. Should definitely have antihistamine at home, not just the newer non sedating ones, but older type like phenerghan
  11. Kerry

    Warre Hive

    Hi @dansar, are you making them at the moment? I'd love to play with one
  12. That may be the case. They were building up though, storing more honey than when I got the split in February, and had filled several frames
  13. Lately some waxy looking crumbs I thought were pollen, they are still bringing in pollen. Also a couple of areas of comb look a bit chewed but empty
  14. So how often to feed? I am still confused. I have a 3 litre frame feeder. Do I fill it as soon as it empties i.e. one day
  15. Yes I was so sad to hear that in the Buzz Club mail today. I was planning to go around for a chat, how sad.
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