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  1. Just home from my very (hopefully) last chemo treatment. Hopefully no more for the rest of my life. I know we are of topic but I don't recommend chemo as a weight loss program. I'm down 12kg and there wasn't all that much to loose in the first place. Still onwards and upwards from now.
  2. I use an old dishwasher instead of a fridge. Same principle, light bulb in the bottom and a temperature control. I also have a dimmer switch outside as an extra means of control.
  3. I still beleive a mated queen is really good value for non commercials. I mean $60 + freight say $70 and you'll get 2 good years maybe a bit more so $35/year and someone else does the hassles of grafting and getting her mated. Cheaper than a box of Bayvarol plus you get a crop of honey or two. Different story for commercials and of course those who want to try their hand at rearing their own.
  4. I still reckon a mated queen is easily worth the money paid. The breeder has done all the had stuff grafting getting her mated and laying well. I think they are quite cheap especially for beginners and hobbyists. The only question is availability
  5. 14 hives, all will come with 2x3/4brood boxes, 19 plastic frames and one drone frame, excluder, properlis mat. 7 of the hives, i think! (#### do i know how) have a 1/2 depth box on top. This has never been for extraction but a safety net for me especially in spring. Gives the bees a bit more space when using MAQS. Early days but worth pursuing.
  6. Thank you all for your very kind thoughts. To be brutally honest I think it is much harder on my wife. There is nothing concrete she can do to relieve what I'm going through. She does cook what ever I want only for me to gag on it. Thank goodness she has a huge group of girlfriends. I'm happy to be selling all my hives and with good people helping their management I can relax. I have 14 hives, all will come with 2x3/4brood boxes, 19 plastic frames and one drone frame, excluder, properlis mat. I am keeping each hive's wets (numbered accordingly) because you never know I may, just
  7. Well- - - - - After only 1session of this brew 3 weeks ago, I can honestly say some days there is no petrol in the tank NOT even fumes. That is why I have decided to sell all my hives. I have session 2 on Monday and the last one about 10 December. Then I'm off to Perth for Christmas with family and back again for the second Grandchild in March. I have deliberated on this for a while however I cannot realistically see me having enough energy much before April. LONG LONG TIME I do have a very good friend looking after them, so hopefully they will come to the market Oct/Nov
  8. Can't beat coffee sacks. They last long and give good cool smoke. Just rock up to any coffee roaster they usually have empty sacks for free.
  9. And for every 3Kg of nectar the bees bring in they eat 2Kgs of it themselves rain hail or shine
  10. I've got a book about a long lost relation who worked for the Admiralty in London in the 1700s. They were smoking it in those days. When I came to NZ in the 60s I remember the scandal about them finding marijuana seed in 'Billy Peach' bird seed from the local grocery store.
  11. A very interesting subject 'Getting Old' Thank you @frazzledfozzle for bringing it up. The first consideration, in my humble opinion, should be a financial one. Once you have a handle on how much you need to have a reasonable lifestyle, then you can analyse the components of your business and possibly restructure. Health is also a very important factor to take into consideration and by this I meant the health of the whole family. I expanded my hobby of Beekeeping when I retired and I'm immensely happy I did. However it is very easy to expand one's operation not so easy to downsize or eve
  12. Common in the 70s here in NZ This was England in the 50s Not a very happy part of my life especially as both my brothers were sent to a different school. Certainly, in my case, did not help create a tight loving family. However I survived, as I'm sure most did. I have no idea why my parents decided this. I may find out in time, however as I need to die first AND I refuse to die before I'm dead it may take a while. I'll keep you posted
  13. [quote="On average I got wacked with the yard stick on the fingers at the maths table everyday, i got wacked round the legs every second day and got the strap every month. I reckon the prefects were the worst for dishing out the cane! Most of them were damn vicious! But getting the cane or a backhander was part of school. We learn't through fear mostly. Being sent to boarding school at 5yrs self reliance and survival training were the priority mostly.
  14. What is this tree? Bees love it.
  15. Generally refractometers used in viticulture and brewing measure the sugar content in the water/moisture, for beekeeping you need to measure the water content in the sugar. As @Trevor Gillbanks advised it will depend on the scale range of the one you have.
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