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  1. The first full suit I bought from Stuart Ecroyd had valcro openings on either side so you could open it to get access your trouser pockets etc, it also had the best feature of all a "Boys zip" (double ended) so you can have a bush pee with minimum exposure these were removed probably to save costs. When I buy a new pair I pay a friend with honey to modify them Pete
  2. We have used Liquid smoke here for a number of years on the advice of an old Beekeeper http://nelson-naturally.co.nz/shop/Adventure+Kitchen+Liquid+Smoke/Liquid+Smoke.html we mix a cap full to 500mls of water in a pot plant type sprayer seems to work O/K not as good as a smoker but safe in a Central Otago summer especially when moving hives we have found the best sprayer $5.00 at the warehouse fancy mitre 10 etc sprayers clog up
  3. Different Honeys have different pollen counts i.e. Clover usually 70% pollen but Thyme is considered pure with a 20% pollen count as a low pollen honey
  4. We had a Science teacher who would pick a random page from the oxford concise dictionary that you would have to give him a handwritten copy of by the next day getting the cane was easier.
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