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  1. This is the only pic I have on my tablet sorry. We have been able to fix some of the issues and it is working now however we cannot get it to go continuously. If we stack on extra frames after a cycle has started it just pushes them off as it comes back. We can only process about 2 boxes at a time and have to manually restart it which takes so much longer. I would love to know if you have any reasons why this would happen? We would also like it to prickk the frames a few more times. Currently is does 4 pricks but some cells seem to miss out. How can we adjust this? Thanks in advance f
  2. Hello, we have been having some issues with our Boutelje Auto Pricker. It is an old one, a 2005 model and we think the program needs fixing. Does anyone have a labelled program for this on file? We have a programmer that is keen to sort it out but we are flying blind without instructions!!
  3. Hello Danman, we have just run the first lot of honey through our plant in Gisborne and it looks like we will have plenty of spare capacity this season if you are still stuck.
  4. Hello, thanks for you offer. We would rather not advertise yet as we are still unsure what our spare capacity will be!! If anyone wants to get in contact they could send me a personal message with their details and we are happy to discuss.
  5. Hello, we are planning to set up an extraction facility in Gisborne for the following season and will have plenty of spare capacity if you can't find anyone in the Waikato.
  6. That sounds interesting, do you leave the queens to mate or remove the splits from the original hive?
  7. Out of interest, what product do you use for the pollen patties?
  8. Hello, can you please let us know what sort of machine you use to clean frames? We have a number to do and I'm not looking forward to using a waterblaster for the whole lot!!
  9. Hello Frazz, Just out of interest, do you have your entrances facing different directions on your 3-way nucs or do these all face the front like standard hives? Do you have any problems with drifting? I'm curious to try this method as we have only used 5 frame nucs in the past.
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