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  1. Have seen quite a bit of Tutu starting to flower in Northland while managing road side vegetation. Didn't see any bees collecting from it.
  2. This time last year I had a poor result from treatment & had to use a late alternative. In 8 weeks my mite load over doubled. It didn't change anything other than giving me more understanding of Varroa.
  3. Just picked up the last 2 packs of Pams genie cloths from New World. Countdown didn't stock them.
  4. I think it is good to know your mite load before treatment so you can monitor the effectiveness at the end.
  5. Will try this bamboo fiber cloth that had already along side the Pams cloth to compare.
  6. Having hives next to a river with heavy rain & king tides is always a concern. The past 2 days the river has been close to flooding. I have been lucky not having to relocate them. I didn't see any sign of the commercial beek with pallets of hives on the other side not far from being lost. Digger wasn't as lucky with a fault with the track but was recovered later.
  7. @Philbee what are the Pams cloth you are using? Would prefer to try these over cardboard as strips. My experience last Autumn with the SCA shop towel method was disappointing.
  8. Our Macadamia nuts have been flowering about 3 weeks so far but it has only been the last few days the bees have been working them hard. When you get close you can smell the sweetness of the flowers that wasn't previously there.
  9. @AliI didn't take many photos but hope to do more soon. I am new to macro photography so am still learning, but am happy with the way this shot turned out.
  10. Plenty of pollen coming in off the buttercup that has started flowering.
  11. Have had a lot of bees also effected by what looks to be toxicity from Kowhai. Bees all over ground next to hives in a narcotic state. Plenty of flowering plants & pasture around at moment. Clover just coming on too.
  12. OA vapouriser until main flow. How are the bees accepted by the receiving hive with additional bees on the frame? In a situation of a vary weak hive it must help in maintaining brood temperature as there may not be enough bees to cover the brood. In that situation less frames regulary would help, although that is not my situation.
  13. My treatment comes out next week so full AFB inspection then. Use OA as additional treatment for varroa if needed. AFB inspection also carried out late Autumn. Any manipulation of gear between hives always has it's risk of spreading disease. But a hive that is weaker may be more prone to being robbed especially being heavily surrounded by commercial hives. Does a hobbiest then have to try & manage there hives in alignment with that of a commercial?
  14. I carry out my full AFB check once my Varroa treatment is out but visually check any cells that may look abnormal any time I am in the hive. I should clarify that my hive was not weak but weaker than my other hives that was swapped. Variance in queens, stores & Varroa load will effect buildup. As my hive numbers build from other years I am trying to keep them fairly close in stregnth.
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