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  1. Have you no other hives that you could transfer a frame of eggs across? As a hobby it's cool to raise your own queens especially if you have a good quiet hive with a queen that is a good prolific layer. Keep those traits. Just a thought... plenty people out there that will take your money.
  2. https://honeybeesuite.com/when-will-newly-hatched-queen-begin-lay/ According to M.E.A. McNeil in The Hive and the Honey Bee (2015), a new virgin queen does not become sexually mature for five to six days after emergence. A number of things need to happen before she is ready to fly. Like all insects, the outer layer of chitin covering her body must become hardened and thickened, a process that may take several days. In addition, her pheromones must develop so she will become attractive to flying drones.
  3. Cut and paste from http://www.afb.org.nz If you are missing your Certificate of Inspection paperwork, please contact AsureQuality on apiary@asurequality.com or phone 0508 00 11 22 for new papers to be sent. Due to the information contained on these forms being unique for each beekeeper we are unable to provide a copy online. Hope this helps
  4. An unlucky wasp caught getting the bash
  5. This picture i was lucky enough to catch the queen laying.
  6. Have a look at this book, Queen Bee Breeding. Put out by NSW Primary Industries AgGuide. You can buy the hard copy for $35.00 Aus or buy the Ebook version and download for $14.99 Aus Queen bee breeding AgGuide | Tocal College Published in 2016, Queen bee breeding is part of the AgGuide series and is 170 full-colour A4 pages.
  7. Thanks @frazzledfozzle, My point exactly, I have emailed Asurequality re are they checking for this, whats involved with getting samples done, who pays etc. No reply as yet.
  8. The only other countries on Latitue 46 are Chile and Argentina.
  9. Try this... Latitude 46 Bee Products.
  10. Tracheal Mites perhaps, Infested bees will be seen leaving the colony and crawling on the grass just outside the hive. They will crawl up the blades of grass or the hive, fall back down and try again. The wings may be disjointed and the bees unable to fly. The abdomens may be swollen. In late stages of infestation, bees will abscond from the hive.
  11. An elderly bee keeper once told me a story of bees propolising over a dead mouse in their hive. Their way of keeping the hive hygienic seeing as they couldn't get rid.
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